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It’s safe to swim, fish, boat and recreate in the waters at Indian Lake, test results from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources show. 

About a week ago, the ODNR released satellite imagery that suggested the potential presence of harmful algal blooms (HABs), particularly in the Oldfield Beach area. 

“We just received microcystin results for Indian Lake State Park’s Oldfield Beach, and it is less than 0.240 ug/l (micrograms per liter.) No advisory is needed, ” ODNR Land & Water Resources Administrator Natalie Foos said.

“If the problem persists, we will sample again,” Foos noted.

ILSP Manager Hiedie Whitman said the park staff does its due diligence to monitor HABs from the beach areas. 

Whitman said the lake is safe and encourages residents and vacationers to come enjoy all that the park and Indian Lake has to offer with the upcoming Fourth of July holiday and throughout the summer season.