62 F

Mark R. George, known to his bros. as George, was the kind of guy who could light up a room with his quick wit and a toolbox that could fix even the most stubborn of problems. 

Born on September 3, 1960, in Lima, Ohio, he rode life’s highway until June 6, 2024, when he parked his bike for the last time in Lakeview, Ohio, after a brave battle with pancreatic cancer.

Mark was a man who knew the value of a good day’s work. After graduating from Lima Senior High School, he became a certified electrician, and for years, he was the go-to maintenance man at Logan Recycling. If something was broken, you’d bet Mark would be there, duct tape in hand and a joke on his lips, ready to bring back the spark. 

But work was just one part of his life. Mark was a man who lived for the open road, the wind in his hair, at one point, and the camaraderie of his bros. His bike wasn’t just a mode of transport; it was his trusty steed in the great joust of life. And when he wasn’t riding, he was probably in his garage, tinkering with something, a cold one within arm’s reach, and a story to tell.

Friendly, handy, and selfless—these weren’t just words to describe Mark; they were the principles he lived by. 

His Ole Lady Joyce, his daughter Shauna and her husband Clint Briggs, his sons Richie with Tori and Nick with Cassie, all knew the warmth of his generous spirit. He was a man who gave more than he took, and his absence will be felt deeply by all who knew him.

Mark was preceded in death by his parents, Bob and Sylvia George, and his sister, Jackie Good. They’re probably up there now, trying to keep him from rewiring the pearly gates or cracking jokes that have the angels blushing. 

So here’s to Mark—a man who never met a stranger, only friends he hadn’t shared a laugh with yet. Ride on, George, ride on. Your memory will be the spark that lights up our lives forever.