The wide flange putters come with a very rough finish on the back upper of the flange, I personally can't stand it.

I will get it back to flat tonight and hopefully get some pictures up of the progress.

Value: 7

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Putter Customization (Part 1)How to restore, customize and refinish your golf clubs. A bit of time with a small brass hammer and a sandbag and I worked the dings almost all the way back flat. The consensus among teaching professionals is that you should minimise body movement, place the shaft in the palms, and avoid any wrist break.

A collection of wit and wisdom on golf offers practical advice to everyone from golf pros--including Tom Kite, Ben Crenshaw, and Sandra Palmer--to high-handicap amateurs. 20,000 first printing. The selected testers will be one of the first to experience the MEZZ.1 from L.A.B.

For example, on this putter, the sole turned out the best with a nice dark, even color.

Winn Putter Golf Grip - Best putter grip for claw: First up is the Winn putter grip, one of the best putters for claws and high handicappers. [attachment=2572261:IMG_2215-copy.jpg][attachment=2572263:IMG_2219-copy.jpg][attachment=2572265:IMG_2220-copy.jpg]Here are few shots of 6 of my bullseyes.

All putters are in nice shape .

This post follows up on the Caswell Stainless Blackener post found at and on the Club Repair post found at

The History of Golf Putters.

Posted by 8 years ago. Just make sure that the pack includes a sisal wheel and a cloth wheel.

We’ll see how it turns out once the full restoration and ding removal happens.

Josh. The putters of two of the best ever, Bobby Jones and Ben Crenshaw were so ubiquitous they had names: Calamity Jane and Little Ben. Golf Mezz.1 Putter MEZZ.1 is our new mid-mallet putter that's fully CNC machined from a billet of 6061 aircraft aluminum (body) and 303 stainless steel (midsection) to create our best-feeling — and we think best looking — putter to date. I smooth out the face with 4 different grits of diamond files and WD-40. When the sole is partially sanded and partially blackened, it’s easy to see where the dings are.

Most are impression stamped on the bottom with a series of letters and numbers that describe the various features.

Before final finish I glass bead the [email protected] about 40 - 50 PSI.

There are some variations of the classic design, but the hallmarks are a minimalist curved design with a center shaft , made usually out of brass.


A player who never turned pro but held one or more major titles every year of his 15-season competitive career, Bobby Jones was the most famous amateur golfer ever to play the game.

My Mother lent me her bullseye putter way back when I was 12 for a 9 hole consolation round.

Lightly sanding down the area with sandpaper can be beneficial also, to make sure the area is flat.

This putter is in very good/ excellent condition and has an as new golf pride tour wrap pistol grip.The marks on putter are typical of those on all Bulls Eye putter with brass heads and will never effect performance.Putter is a bit heavier than most Bulls Eye.grade 9/10.Winning bidder to pay $14.50 for priority mail with usps tracking.

Before final finish I glass bead the [email protected] about 40 - 50 PSI.

This book guides the collector on a tour of the many facets of golf and demonstrates that there is still plenty of opportunity to develop a collection of golf items. It will make you a better player.

How To Restore And Customize Your Putter (Part 1) - YouTube Jimmy B

Made prior to Scotty's affiliation with Titleist, and used on Tour as the Classic 1.5, the Santa Fe features the Newport head with a sightline, a slightly offset neck that has more toe flow than the Newport, with the same heel-toe balancing.

I worked the blackener around with a GLOVED HAND (wear a glove, or your hands will really stink) to smooth it out.

When the blackening was about even and had been on for a minute or so, I quenched it in a bucket of cold water and rubbed all of the paste off.

It pays to remember, when thinking about the best way to putt, that there are no good putters with bad fundamentals.

Essentially, clean it until water flows over it evenly, without breaking. Pm me if you'd like a pic or 2 or bullseyes I'm moving out of my collection. Stay up to date on all of your favorite golf news, players, photos, videos and more.

But just a brief look at the history of golf and golf clubs reveals several clubs that have made an undeniable impact on the game through unique design, materials, popularity or tournament success. . Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge out there.

I tried cleaning this old thing with Coca Cola the other day but that only lasted for a few days before returning to all the patina. A 6″ or 8″ grinder will work, but be sure to match the wheel sizes to the grinder size! However, it does look better than it used to, and it did give me a chance to play around with this stuff.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Bullseye Putter. I was wondering if that was pitting or just how it came.

Once the sealant is applied, the putter is virtually done.

No one in the family knew what happened to her clubs, so I went on my quest on the Bay to find one and they keep multiplying. This blackener is gel. This post is a restoration of a Scotty Cameron Newport Beach that has seen better days.

The GolfWorks GW1041V Oversized Iron Impact Decals - RH and LH Options.

These golf forums are full of (smart) weirdos who suggest soaking your good ol' Ping Anser putter in coke for a day to get rid of 4 decades' worth of patina.. I believe that they are essentially the original Titleist putter so maybe they're worth 20 or 30 dollars? The first step is to remove all of the paint fill. Question, does anyone know any tips to clean up/ restore an old bullseye putter?

Daiwa New Super Lady 21* 7W i polished my old john reuter jr bullseye with brasso and it's almost a mirror finish ()too bad there are so many dings on it). Pre-owned Pre-owned.

Whereas the clean aesthetics of .

Adams V4 forged irons 8-PW,GW,SW,LW

The result looks pretty good. The wide flange putters come with a very rough finish on the back upper of the flange, I personally can't stand it. 6. It's leather and, while I don't have a picture of mine, it's the type in this photo I found in an eBay listing. Helping to tell this remarkable story is sportswriter Rohit Brijnath, who collaborated with Bindra in producing this compelling autobigraphy of one of India's greatest sportsmen.

. Then, progressive sanding with 60 grit, 180 grit, and then 400 grit sandpaper smoothed out most of the dings.

I will retake at some point.

Both putters are designed to develop a smooth, deliberate and repeatable stroke.

TEE XCG5 16.5* 4W, Giga XF-11 17* 4W Acushnet Bulls Eye STD M5P Blade Putter /RH ~34.75" Steel /Original Grip /gw5866. During Lift, Clean, and Place play, a question about rule. Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge out there. The History of Bulls Eye Putters. Sun Mountain H2N0 stand bag

They recommend brass cleaning solutions for these putters. I got this kit second hand for $25. With my aerospace engineering and product manufacturing background I have always experimented with different putter designs trying to find ways to improve. Tourstage Viq U5 25* hybrid

Bench Grinder (with 1/2 inch arbor holes):

When the sanding is done, polish with a cotton buffing wheel using the various compounds to your desired gloss. I smooth out the face with 4 different grits of diamond files and WD-40. This putter is very comfortable to hold, due to its weight and ergonomic grip. Price: US $3.00.

So I carefully smooth it down with a die grinder and a scotch bright pad. Richard, In the end, only three things matter~

How much that you loved...

How mightily that you lived...

How gracefully that you accepted both victory & defeat...


2. Original Ray Cook Grip.The last Putter does not have a Name Brand.It has a Bulls Eye on the Putter Face.Original Golf Pride Putter Grip.

[/quote] The instructions say "clean until it passes a water break test.". Soap would probably help. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Putter Lot - Ping, IronMaster VIP, Otey Crisman, BullsEye - *LOOK* at the best online prices at eBay!

Here’s the final top line. I smooth out the face with 4 different grits of diamond files and WD-40. I have one of those old Titleist (Reuter) putters and I love that patina on the putter.

First, you must clean the steel with water.

OLD MASTER CALICO GAL W802.Plumb Mark Steel Shaft.Golf Pride Old Master Grip.

Golf Mechanix Bullseye Fitting Putter. This book is designed to help students organize their thinking about psychology at a conceptual level.

It is an appreciable product inside out, from quality material to higher strokes and budget also.

Should I restore and sell them? About The L.A.B.

The John Reuter Bulls Eye is from the original run.

FYI, the original factory finish was a slight polished look, but not anything as shiny as what the brasso did, but I'd rather have my bullseye a shiny gold than a dull brown.

The instructions say “clean until it passes a water break test.” Essentially, clean it until water flows over it evenly, without breaking.


Longridge Two Way Bullsye Putter.

The trick is to avoid excess shine.


Bulls Eye putters with the John Reuter stamping are the most valuable of all the Bulls Eye putters.

Current date/time is Fri Nov 19, 2021 8:34 am.

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Hope that helps. Hang on to it. Jimmy B.

The professional golfer provides tips on the grip, stance, and swing of successful golf shots

Found inside“That day is so vivid in my mind that for the next ten years I made sure I had a supply of clean underwear when I went into hot areas.” * * * George Sweda knew that Tom Kite used an Acushnet Bullseye putter. Should I restore and sell them?

Ping Anser G5i A hideous beast to look at, but beautiful to use.

I'd be afraid of eating too much metal and worse yet, affecting the loft or the flatness of the face. If you already have one of several thousands of putters on the market, get a Titleist BullsEye as a training aid. A little girl and her cat enjoy preparing for bed with a bath, snack, and bedtime story.

Thus, I went ahead and smoothed out the dings.

Clean it up with water and take photos. Ping Crazy E One of the easiest putters to line up we've ever tested, but feel is hollow Ping Karsten Anser Unbeatable on price and right up there for feel and design. Adams V4 6H/7H Longridge centre shafted putter designed for less twisting and improved accuracy. this hwebsite and community is top notch.

This process was remarkably easy.

Might as well clean house .

I agree with being very careful, I have haqnd polished mine to such a fine finish that you really have to use care not to scratch them with just an average cloth. The first putters were typically made with a stick, or shaft, usually of Ash, and a head fashioned out of Birch, and was known as a "cleek".

Collecting some of the best writing on film ever put on paper, this is a perfect book for film buffs.

Simichrome Metal Polish.

Be careful to keep the face as flat as possible, and don't over-sand as you are removing weight.

I would not buy a bullseye that looks like it's been polished and is free of dings without giving it a very close look/see and even then I'd still have doubts because of the possibility that the loft has been affected. Rory Sabbatini DQ'd for non-conforming club, L.A.B.

Thank you, sir. 3. I used to caddy for him 5-6 times a week in the summer and handed him this putter many many times.

The first edition of UNDERSTANDING WOOD FINISHING has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and is widely regarded as the bible of wood finishing. Pinocchio, The Tale of a Puppet follows the adventures of a talking wooden puppet whose nose grew longer whenever he told a lie and who wanted more than anything else to become a real boy.As carpenter Master Antonio begins to carve a block ...

The famous Bulls Eye putter has made a mark on all four of these .

× Upload or insert images from URL. A good metal polish should be fine after cleaning it up with the CLR. PS...the DF440 was discontinued early but i was able to get a spare thru ebay.. Giga XF0710* driver/Hirohonma twin marks 355 10.5* driver

Lead tape remains a popular accessory on the PGA Tour. Before final finish I glass bead the [email protected] about 40 - 50 PSI.

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Shambles. Golfers can precisely set up for a consistent and repetitive stroke by seeing and correcting any one of four common soling errors: too flat or too upright lie, too open or too hooded face. 40% off previous price C $87.86 40% off. I don't know how easy it would be to find (online??) share.

Happy New Year Found inside – Page 8Bullseye and Fleur - de - lis open sug . bowl , $ 7.75 ; same , creamer , $ 10.75 . 55. ... Martha Wash . in sweet walnut gold liner frames 10x1144 " , $ 5.75 . ... Set of old wooden golf clubs in orig . bag , Schenectady putter , pat . The specialized jargon of some sports can be quite esoteric.

When finished, rinse with water and apply the sealant.

This could've saved me a bunch of time. Early Putters. Polishing Compounds.

The putters lie angle can be adjusted by as much as 8 degrees from standard. 1. Recounts the origins of the PGA tour in 1916 and its development up to the present, highlighting the finest players and notable contests, with statistics for all tournaments through 1988 I will retake at some point.

MACGREGOR 315.Steel Shaft.Original Grip has a Bullseye on it.

Then final finish the face.

Paste as plain text instead, × Clear editor.

So what do you do when you need a creative jolt for your brain? Now you can turn to Caffeine for the Creative Mind. This collection of short, focused creative exercises is just the boost you need get your brain working.

Mezz Proto Putter with BGT Stability Tour Black (MINT), Callaway Super Hybrid Like new Regular flex, Callaway 815 Alpha 10.5 Driver Head, Scotty Cameron 2018 Global Limited Release Rare Putter. 2y.

Golf Mechanix Bullseye Fitting Putter | The GolfWorks The putter I've been using the last few months is a 60's vintage Acushnet Bullseye Flange with a grip that seems to be the original. VERY NICE TOP FLITE PUTTER - has a Poly Milled Face, Scalloped Rear Blade Style, 3 Tone finish with Dark Chrome, Soft Stripe Grip, excellent condition.. .

You've heard it before, and it will never change. (The wet looking photos have the sealer applied).

This is a pre Acushnet John Reuter Jr. Bullseye putter.

"Moonraker" by Ian Fleming.

I might be able to help you out. It feels well balanced and lightweight compared to other putters we have used.

"Having been born a freeman, and for more than thirty years enjoyed the blessings of liberty in a free State—and having at the end of that time been kidnapped and sold into Slavery, where I remained, until happily rescued in the month of ...

previous price C $87.86.

This is a classic putter. i decided to retire the bullseye then.. I’ve cleaned up the face just a bit with 400 grit paper to help the blackener stay smooth.

Note: when finding a bench grinder, the size of the grinder doesn't matter. Found inside – Page 14Some historical basis exists , too , for declaring a club a classic , such as the George Low putter belonging to Nicklaus . Nicklaus used it to win 18 of his 20 major championships . ( He used a Bullseye in the 1967 Open and the ...

I found that it worked best for me if I used a gloved hand (VERY IMPORTANT OR YOUR HANDS WILL STINK LIKE CRAZY) and continuously rubbed it around.

For regular grip thickness, leave a gap between each wind of tape, as in the picture.

It aint cheap. ×

An average hobbyist has access to an electric sanding cone/sanding belt/sanding wheel, just sand lightly until the knicks are gone.

An ambidextrous classic Bullseye putter design with a telescopic shaft for custom fitting playing length from 28" to 39". Favorite. .

No dings or marks on clubhead.". See original listing. Bullseye-L Forum

Also, don't use sand paper or anything super abrasive (brasso has a very small amount of abrasive) because even though it might turn out polished, you are decreasing the weight of the putter and you are sanding out the stampings which is a big no no for me. I do find satisfaction in working on them and making them into what and how I would like them to look.

Technology is a consistent buzz word in the golf equipment industry and has been for generations.

Although it didn’t turn out as well as some of the professionally blackened putters, it nonetheless has real potential to turn out that way if continuously applied. Microfiber Polish Cloth.

before the brasso, it was a very dull brown.

39.9900. Really wish I had a place at home to work on them. Altogether, not too bad. Finish: 8

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Last Posts. As for results, well, it doesn’t look perfect. Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta 16.5* W/ Matrix F7M2 Proto, [attachment=2572261:IMG_2215-copy.jpg][attachment=2572263:IMG_2219-copy.jpg][attachment=2572265:IMG_2220-copy.jpg]Here are few shots of 6 of my bullseyes. Condition is "Used". I reasoned that, if I didn’t go beyond 400 grit, the face wouldn’t look too far off from the rest of the putter (since I don’t have a bead blasting cabinet).

Great putter even today.

Automotive sandpaper to remove nicks, and brasso to remove oxidation and to shine. And, as I often find with putter finishing, the better-prepped the surface, the better the finish looks.

I recently bought this putter at an antique shop. 2021 CJ Cup at The Summit Club - Discussion and Links, 2021 Shriners Hospitals for Children Open WITB Photos- Discussion & Links. The lighting sucked for the one of the faces.

Condition: Used. Are they worth keeping?

Enjoy your new hobby!!!

Club Repair: Restoring a Putter (part 2) and Review of Caswell Blackener (part 2),,, Restoration and Review: Caswell Stainless Blackener,

Its timeless unique design means it can be used by right and left handed golfers. Overall: 8. Ballance is supurb. It is 34" in length, all original with minor chrome loss and a clean, shiny, rust free shaft and a near perfect perforated leather grip with grip-cap& collar. +$21.99 shipping.

Salvaged three Acushnet Bulls Eye putters that were going to Goodwill. These brass heads are the easiest to refinish on your own, as there are no chemicals or finish to speak of.

Mizuno Intage 27* 9W

If you go straight into sanding you will lose the metal that is standing up. 1. Model Reviewed: Titleist Bulls Eye SC Original Flang.

Dead Center putters are engineered with a bi-level cross-hair alignment system.

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Both are included with the kit: First, you must clean the steel with water.


Once the blackener is applied, a sealant is used.

From the early blade putters like the "Bullseye" up through today's latest Odyssey Two Ball, Titleist Futura and Gurin Rife models. Phineas and Ferb want to get the most out of their summer by making every day outrageously fun, but these two best buds aren't content with going to the beach or camping out. Salvaged three Acushnet Bulls Eye putters that were going to Goodwill.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It's a heavy blade, so I can be a bit aggressive with it.

I will retake at some point.


Just using a really soft cloth and hand pressure will work out most of the smaller dings. And, I'd forgotten I used to have a Ping 1A that I sold, and it cleaned it up too.

35 inches with original Titleist Tour wrap grip. 209.9900.

I have even used powered pumice that you can get at good hardware stores. About Scotty.

The process and results are below.

The process of putting the blackening on can be done several different ways.


Free shipping for many products!

It is normally used for refinishing fine woods but works great on the brass Bullsyeyes. Pre-owned. Brasso seems to work muc.

Has corrosion and wear from use. Sight Line vs Sight Dot vs Naked Putters (Pros & Cons) Putting is a combination of two things: speed and aim.

4. . America's first golf hero reminisces about the game and his career, from his early years, to his upset 1913 U.S. Open victory as an amateur, to his sentimental win at the 1931 U.S. Amateur Championship at the Beverly Country Club in Chicago ...

When it's time for a change | Golf News and Tour ... Vintage Golf Original Acushnet BullsEye John Reuter ML M-4 ...

Aiming a putter is a lot harder than most people think.

This rare putter is similar to earlier Macgregor"Spur" models famously used by Hogan and others but quite rare.especially in this condition. The color is kind of hard to see in the photos.

Fitted with Longridge velvet grips designed for outstanding feel .

Let's focus on aiming in this article. My Girl Limited In Shops Now.

The slotted flange may have around 2 hours getting it to the state pictured. My favorite is the 5A Original that can be played left or right handed. Just want to make sure this bad boy is totally flat. A template for pranksters, artists, adventurers and anyone interested in rampant creativity, this is the history of the most influential underground cabal that has never been exposed by the mainstream media. I recommend purchasing the bench . Carefully wind the tape down the grip in a spiral shape. I have gamed 4 of the six last summer and fall. The glossy finish on the putter head looks fantastic and incredibly sleek, but is a dust, dirt and fingerprint magnet, so be sure to clean it every once in a . 4. Photos not available for this variation.

Golf is choosing ten GolfWRX members to receive their MEZZ.1 putter early and put their brand new product to the test before reporting back to the community about what they see. The face is inlayed with the 12-metal alloy teryllium for a distinctly soft feel .

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C $52.72. Blackening was virtually the same process.

PUTTER PERFECTION is the first book to explain essential putter fitting fundamentals in a comprehensive yet easy-to-read format for the average golfer.

Clubs may come and go, but everyone keeps that one putter that won their . The trick is to avoid excess shine.

10 Testers Needed! Click on the logos below to visit our supporters' websites: View unanswered posts.

HEAVY PUTTER mid-weight K4 putter You can do it by hand but it would take awhile.

The putter is seen in the photos below before restoration. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

[/quote]Beautiful collection JB!!

After applying the tape to the desired spot, flatten it out with a golf ball. If you have any issues with the link or setting it up, you can contact the Custom Shop at 760.591.9720.

I’m staying away from the face as much as possible.

This cross between the Batman sign & a .

Bulls eye Putter made by Dunlop L.H.

I’m not sure what I’ll get here.

I took a flat steel level and can see clean between the face and level in the middle of the face. I believe that they are essentially the original Titleist putter so maybe they're worth 20 or 30 dollars? This putter is money from inside 8 feet. The lighting sucked for the one of the faces. You line up your putt from behind the ball, align the long aim line on top of the putter and ball, and then step up to the putt WITHOUT shifting your body or head/visual alignment OR moving the putter, and then put a natural single-arm motion stroke on the putter to send the ball rolling along the visualized path. Roleplaying game set in a strange undercity that warps to match your heart's desire. They love the putter when they sink a monster 50-foot putt, but they view it in a less favorable light when they miss a simple-looking 3-footer for par.

Make sure that the tape is evenly spaced and that it doesn't overlap.

Titleist Acushnet Bullseye Flange Putter Vintage John Reuter Jr. Standard M4S.

Giga U3 21* hybrid

Ended: Aug 22, 2021 , 6:00PM. acushnet bulls eye"john reuter jr" 2 way putter all original•shaft- bulls eye fluted steel.

I used a flat file to take out the big dings (if you decide to do this, you must be very careful wit the flat file–it can do a lot of damage). Also anyone any ideas if you can get th e face ground to remove little nicks without spoiling the putter weight or the brass as unsure if these old heads are solid brass or just brass plate.

I think it's a bad idea to use sandpaper and worse, any kind of power tool on a bullseye putter.

I’ll do my best.

The GolfWorks GM1084 Golf Mechanix Bullseye Fitting Putter. The purpose of this is to review Caswell’s Stainless Blackener product. Might as well try to put it back where it was originally first! 2021. I'm in the middle of re-finishing one. Looks a lot better. Bullseye-L Forum. I picked up a BeCu Kirk Currie last year that had a couple dings in the top line. The famous Bulls Eye putter has made a mark on all four of these .

I have 4 Scott Camerons, but when my putting goes south, I break out the John Reuter, Brass Bulls Eye for a round or two. I am smoothing out the flange part too.

How do you apply the brasso?

Golfers throughout history have had a love/hate relationship with their putters. The dings on the top line are hard to deal with when doing this because you can’t easily smooth them out without affecting the mill marks.

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