Found inside – Page 1676WEST HARTLEPOOL . — Conservatives gained two Liberal seats and lost two to Labour . WHITEHAVEN . - Labour gained one from Independent . LANCASHIRE AND CHESHI SE . ACCRINGTON . - Labour gained three seats . BARROW - IN - FURNESS . Found insideLabour quickly seized upon her unfortunate remarks and implied that this was her description of Hartlepool people in ... to us from Labour of 18.9 per cent), and we pushed the Conservatives into a humiliating fourth place behind UKIP. It was held on 6 May 2021 alongside elections to the Borough Council, Tees Valley Mayor, and Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner. Richard Holden: Levelling up is for voters in the South as well as my constituents in Durham. What happened after that has allowed the Conservatives to embed the Brexit issue as a core part of its electoral appeal to voters. Nearly 17 months since their huge win in the 2019 general election, was Johnson still popular enough to … While the prime minister and Keir Starmer are almost neck and neck in national polls, in Hartlepool, Johnson had a decisive lead.

Conservative MP wins Hartlepool by-election.

Her 15,529 votes were 51.88% of … Hartlepool Councillors by Party: Conservatives | Hartlepool Borough ... In areas such as the north-east, where investment is crucial to rebuild the regional economy, the Conservatives have rebranded themselves – genuinely in some respects – as an invest and rebuild party. The Literary and educational year book - Page 167 Hartlepool The centre isn’t where he or ConservativeHome or anyone else wants it to be.

27 September 2021. Boris Johnson: Ministerial code breach claims over Hartlepool by-election. Found inside3 If the Conservatives did not feel the need to adapt their stance to stem the UKIP tide, then that all changed with the result of the Hartlepool by-election on September 30, 2004. In a shocking result, the Conservative candidate ... Found inside – Page 357Labour won by only 275 votes in 1945, and it was actually held by the Conservatives between 1959 and 1964. ... With a 9 per cent swing needed for the Conservative Party to dislodge Labour, Hartlepool's marginal days seem to be over. The party locally followed Jill Mortimer’s Tory victory in the Parliamentary by-election by winning 13 seats in the Hartlepool Borough Council elections. By Peter Franklin | JILL Mortimer has been elected Hartlepool MP in a stunning Tory victory - dealing a huge blow Labour. LONDON (AP) - Britain’s governing Conservative Party has won a special election in the north of England town of Hartlepool, dealing a big blow to the main Found inside – Page 106Only in the county election of North Durham and the new constituency of Hartlepool, were there Conservative successes, with George Elliott and Ralph Ward Jackson succeeding respectively. Nossiter has suggested that the North Durham ... He said: "I have been in discussions with Conservative and fellow independent councillors and I am delighted to report that we will once again be putting party politics aside and forming a coalition to run Hartlepool Borough Council. The scope of our company Community & Government, Social Clubs. You had already closed the town’s A&E department two years earlier. Found inside – Page 323The Conservatives had also lost much ground locally since their heyday a generation ago. ... no more disasters from the Liberal Democrats during the rest of the Parliament, although Hartlepool proved to be a closely fought contest.

Found inside – Page 431Deep in the Labour heartland, the Conservatives were never going to do well, but their humiliation was complete when their candidate, Jeremy Middleton, ... 6 The Times, 2 October 2004, 'Hartlepool makes monkeys of Tories'. The Conservative, who declared it a “truly historic result”, secured a 6,940 majority winning 15,529 votes to Dr Williams’ 8,589. Found insidethey were still not keen on austerity and nor were they keen on the Conservative Party. ... leave-minded constituencies – Thanet South in Kent, and Hartlepool in the northeast of England – and published the outcome in the Sunday Times. Hartlepool by-election: bet on Labour to scrape to victory.

Labour’s choice for the byelection of someone who vocally supported a People’s Vote suggests lessons from the debacle have not yet been learned. 9 May 2021. They have been joined by councillors Paddy Brown and Peter Jackson, both elected in Throston, and who said they are "pleased to be supporting the coalition, so they can help keep streets clean and free from anti-social behaviour”. Hartlepool by-election results: Who won? Labour's Paul Williams wound up in second, receiving 8,589 votes. Found inside – Page 66He was invited to meet the Executive Committee of the Hartlepool Conservatives at the end of February , ' & was not very much impressed ' . He spoke for the successful Conservative candidate in a by - election in Darlington and ... The surge in support for the Conservatives is partly explained by the popularity of the prime minister among voters in Hartlepool, twice as many of whom (49 per cent) have a favourable view of him than Starmer (24 per cent). The North Yorkshire councillor and farmer is the first woman to hold the position, and the first Tory MP for the constituency since the seat was formed in 1974. Hartlepool has been Labour for nearly six decades. What do Hartlepool voters make of Tory 'sleaze' allegations? Interestingly demographically is that it has a large population of OAPs and OAPs made up 67% nationally of the total leave vote. “The vaccine was a … By Sam Hall | CORONAVIRUS. By Lord Hannan | A Hartlepool Conservatives statement said: "Hartlepool Conservatives have welcomed the positive conversations with independent councillors to discuss the formation of a coalition.

I will make sure that our town is at the centre of the post-pandemic recovery by creating more jobs and attracting extra investment to the town. Labour have lost the Hartlepool by-election to the Conservatives by 7,000 votes. Undo.

Boris Johnson and newly elected MP for Hartlepool Jill Mortimer. The Great Deception: The True Story of Britain and the ... - Page 431

The further the act of leaving the EU recedes, the more 2019’s Tory voters will move on – as two recent by-elections reminded us. One narrative is that it was impossible for Labour to win on Thursday because of the demise of the Brexit party, which in 2019 split the vote, taking 26%, and allowing Labour to keep the seat. Jill Mortimer is the candidate of the Conservatives party. Carl Shoben is Survation’s strategic communication director and a former Labour strategy director, © 2021 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. While Labour held on to the Hartlepool seat in 2019, its policy of backing a second referendum was clearly a disastrous error and a continuing gift to the Conservatives. In the end, between 70% and 90% of them backed Mortimer. Found insideThe Labour leader's day had got off to a bad start with a Survation opinion poll, commissioned by ITV's Good Morning Britain, showing the Tories held a 17% lead over Labour in Hartlepool, a seat that had never gone to the Conservatives ... Labour won every contest for the seat since the first at the February 1974 election until Mortimer won the 2021 by-election, becoming the first Conservative MP to … By Paul Goodman | Jill Mortimer was elected the MP for Hartlepool after overturning a Labour majority to win the seat. Hartlepool by-election ‘is the Conservatives’ to lose’ Keir Starmer's leadership is 'not cutting through', Labour MPs warn The countries declared safe for holidays by Foreign Office Hartlepool result: Conservatives WIN by-election in humiliating blow to Keir Starmer Wall Street's worries shift away from the pandemic – Fed survey Milva, Redheaded Italian Diva of Many Artistic Hues, Dies at 81 The legal address of the company 2 Church Walk. For the Conservatives, Hartlepool was a crucial test.

Where is the place that would allow us to process applications offshore? Popular Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen has led this renewal: he even nationalised the local airport – and introduced free parking in town centres. Tory candidate Jill Mortimer - … Found inside – Page 50... as shown by UKIP's strong showing in a parliamentary by-election in Hartlepool three months after the European elections, where the party won 10.2 per cent of the vote, finishing third and ahead of the Conservatives.

Localism will take us closer, though. There is a sense of apathy towards Labour rather than outright hostility. 19 July 2021. By Paul Goodman | It’s clear that the Conservative decision to put him at the front of their Hartlepool campaign, not Jill Mortimer, their actual candidate, was one of the keys to success.

Found inside – Page xxxLabour also lost a by-election to the UK Parliament for the Hartlepool constituency, to the Conservatives. Labour had held this seat since the constituency first came into existence in 1974. The Conservative performance presented a ... Found inside – Page 440Yet Hartlepool was held by the Conservatives from 1959 to 1964, and Labour had only won by 275 in their previous landslide and landmark year of 1945. Hartlepool had never been a homogeneous working-class seat, and there had at times ...

The bookies have been wrong before, and we must never take votes for granted, but the symbolism of this is remarkable. Found inside – Page 23Ailwyn Edward - Ramsey ( Conservative ) , Director , Sun Fire , and Sun Life . Director , Norwich Union Fire . ... FURNESS , Sir Christopher - Hartlepool ( Liberal ) , Chair- MOWBRAY , Sir Robert Gray Cornish , Bart. The Government’s planning proposals haven’t even gone out to consultation yet – and everyone knows that the current system’s broken. Brexit is the perfect example of this as the people wanted out and the party wanted in.

©JPIMedia Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. 18. Found inside – Page 15He is Chairman of the Trade and Commerce Committee of the West Hartlepool Improvement Commissioners , Chairman of the ... the West Hartlepool Conservative Club , contributes materially to the growth of Conservatism in the - at one time ... Found inside – Page 217Candidate Party / affiliation Hartlepool S. Allison Local Man , Local Issues , Hartlepool First Independent Independent Independent Independent Conservative Labour Conservative Independent Community Group Independent British National ... Now she’s been referred to the Student Disciplinary Board. Found inside – Page 409Hartlepool Conservative Club ( M.Harri- Jolinson Miss Mary , 125 Wapping street , son , hon . sec . ) , High st . Hartlepool See Coal & Colliery Owners . Hartlepool Liberal Club ( Williani John Jones Wm . 6 Lamb st . West Hartlepool ... The Conservatives have gained the parliamentary constituency of Hartlepool, which has been Labour since its creation, in what represents a historic by-election defeat for the opposition party. But they won’t be able to get away with both. The Conservatives have gained broad support that spreads widely enough across England, while Labour’s growing voter strength is confined to fewer but larger majorities in cities and university towns. Found inside – Page 266Private party polling suggested that health and education were seen as two negative issues for the Conservatives, ... was further undermined when the Conservatives were beaten into fourth place that month in the Hartlepool by-election. 71105 - LONDON. Jill Mortimer has been all over the news after she won the election of Hartlepool. The constituency covers the town of Hartlepool plus nearby settlements. John Kerans, a … mid all the inevitable soul-searching for Labour following Thursday’s defeat in the, Commenting has been disabled at this time but you can still. Having repatriated power, we mustn’t leave it in the hands of Whitehall functionaries. A few years ago the idea that the Conservatives would be targeting Hartlepool as a gain, especially in a by-election held while they were in power, would have been regarded as absurd. The Conservatives have beaten Labour in the Hartlepool by-election, with a Tory MP elected for the first time in the current constituency's history. Cllr Moore issued a statement saying he was "delighted" to put party politics aside to form a coalition once more.

“I’m also immensely proud to be the first Conservative MP in Hartlepool in 57 years” and “the first woman ever to be elected as MP for this town.”. [9] [17] [18] Mortimer made her maiden speech in … The Hartlepool by-election is a big moment in British politics. Found inside – Page 49Conservative majority 535 The borough ot Lymington , “ merged in this Pop : 56,600 . ... is a local shipbuilder , who was Conservative since 1863 , except at a by - election first elected for Hartlepool in 1874 , but , owing to in 1875. 21 May 2021. They have done a far better analysis of the electorate, changing demographics, changing economies, and successfully moulded a coalition that is becoming embedded in the old parts of Labour country. Labour’s candidate, Paul Williams, defined his top vision as teaching children to read, and bringing back services to a local hospital that he had himself recommended for downgrading when he was a local commissioner. Asylum seekers and economic migrants.

On May 6th Hartlepool will hold a by-election for a new MP, and he plans to vote Conservative for the first time in his life. ©2021 Conservative Home, All rights reserved. A Hartlepool councillor has joined the Conservative Party, after previously representing the Independent Union. Tory candidate Jill Mortimer increased the party’s vote share by 23% from 2019. North Yorkshire farmer Jill … Tory candidate Jill Mortimer increased the party’s vote share by 23% from 2019. The pandemic has played a significant part.

Insider obtained the spending return for Ben Houchen, Conservative mayor of the Tees Valley Combined Authority, which held its election at the … John Baron: The change that the NHS needs to help catch cancer early – and save lives, WATCH: The Health Secretary warns the number on the NHS waiting list “will go up before it goes down”, WATCH: “Unlikely that we’re going to see a very sharp rise” in Covid cases – Pollard, WATCH: EU Commission Vice President urges the UK Government not to suspend the Northern Ireland Protocol, WATCH: “We need a workable deal with the French,” declares the Shadow Home Secretary, WATCH: Javid – “Nobody would tolerate” the number of migrants currently crossing the Channel to get to the UK. The Conservatives hope to achieve a “hat trick” of successes, winning Hartlepool and retaining the mayoralties in Tees Valley and the West Midlands. Talks have been ongoing since and numerous independents have now said they are supportive of a coalition. B. oris Johnson has said the Conservatives face a “tough fight” to win the Hartlepool by-election. To many voters, this isn’t the austerity party of Cameron and Osborne.

Speeches on the Conservative policy of the last thirty ... - Page 140 Found insideThe promenade was littered with police protection officers, Conservative party activists and perplexed bystanders enjoying an early fish and chip lunch. Three days before the people of Hartlepool voted to choose their next MP, ... News UK: Conservatives score shock win in Labour Party stronghold. It seems remarkable that a party that has been in power, nationally, for more than a decade continually presents itself as the “change” party.

T… … Conservatives Take Shock 17 Point The odds of a Conservative Hartlepool by-election victory in this Red Wall by-election are overstated.

Found insideare concentrations in: northern Tyne and Wear (Tyne Bridge, Tynemouth and Wallsend); south Durham (Darlington, Hartlepool and Stockton North); Dewsbury and Wakefield (the Conservative candidate won the former); north Nottinghamshire and ...

Found inside – Page 29797 Copy of speech by Neave , to the Northern Area Conservative Council , Hartlepool , 12 Nov. 1977. TNA CJ 4/1876 . 98 See , for example , comments by Miscampbell . Record of CPPNIC meeting , 17 Feb. 1976. UO BL CPA CRD 4/15/2/4 . Tory win in Hartlepool provides setback for Labour. conservatives Won the Hartlepool by-election with an embarrassing defeat Labor Party.. Labor sources said Keir Starmer would “take responsibility” for the outcome as the party’s left urged its leaders to “urgently change direction.” Since its founding in 1974, the seat has been the Labor Party.

Hartlepool by-election: Sir Keir Starmer under 'huge pressure' if Conservatives win constituency.

The Conservative hopeful saw off the competition in the shape of 15 other candidates and scooped the win with a huge majority - receiving 15,529 of the votes. Tory candidate Jill Mortimer came in first with 51.88%, beating her Labour opponent, Paul Williams, by almost 7,000 votes. About Hartlepool Conservative Club in Hartlepool . Reply. After three by-elections and before tomorrow’s Covid announcement, here are five big challenges for Johnson, Reports of Johnson’s political demise are greatly exaggerated.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, had other advantages during the campaign and played them well. NEW: Boris in Hartlepool taking victory lap with new Tory MP Jill Mortimer. LONDON -- Britain's governing Conservative Party made further inroads in the north of England on Friday, winning a special election in the post-industrial town of Hartlepool for a …

If Labour retains the seat, it will take a lot of heat off Keir Starmer, whose rocky patch as leader continues. The Conservative candidate, Jill Mortimer, captured nearly twice the number of votes as the Labour candidate, Paul Williams. Mr. Johnson with Jill Mortimer, the newly elected Conservative member of Parliament on the wharf in Hartlepool on Friday.

In terms of age groups, Labour leads among 18-34s alone, with the Conservatives ahead in all older age groups. The Conservatives are currently polling 49% in the seat, with Labour in second place on 42%. One of the most shocking results was in Hartlepool, where Conservatives won a by-election (akin to a U.S. special election) for a Parliamentary seat held by Labour since its creation in 1974. Jill Mortimer, who won the by-election, is the first Conservative MP for Hartlepool since the constituency’s creation in 1974 - beating her rival, Labour party member Paul Williams by 6,940 votes.

While the support of the six independents would give a Tory-lead coalition 19 seats, the Mail understands that a deal has still to be confirmed. Found inside – Page 74Conservatives retained a more widespread local government presence, gained representation in the new devolved ... Hague the Conservative revival strategy did not achieve this: subsequent by-elections, especially that in Hartlepool, ... David Willetts: New businesses, faster connections, better data, tighter security. Daniel Hannan: A Levelling Up Fund will not, on its own, turn Sunderland into Singapore. A Survation phone poll for the Hartlepool by-election on 6th May, has the Conservatives with a seven-point over lead over Labour, who is defending the ‘red wall’ seat. Found inside – Page 646By January 2004 opinion polls were giving the tories a narrow lead over Labour and the wealthy tory supporters were ... of 2004 there were three by-elections – Leicester south, Birmingham Hodge Hill and Hartlepool – all Labour seats.

(modern). Coming in third was Independent Sam Lee who got 2,904 votes. Like. Found inside – Page 118Pr.unstamp Harrogate Advertiser Harrogate Neutral Saturday 1836 3d Harrogate Herald Harrogate Conservative Wednesday 1847 3d Stockton and Hartle . Hartlepool , Durham Neutral Friday 1851 3 } d pool Mercury St. Leonard's Chronicle ...

Labour has lost the crucial Hartlepool byelection after a Conservative onslaught saw Boris Johnson’s … And yet it did so in this byelection, electing a Tory MP in Hartlepool for the first time in 62 years, following a similar strategy during the general election. By Iain Dale | The Conservatives are favourites to win in Hartlepool. A farmer and district councillor has been selected by the Conservatives to stand in … Its vote has been falling in many working-class former strongholds for 20 years, but it is the Tories who appear to really understand what is happening. Undo. Labour has suffered a humiliating byelection defeat in Hartlepool after the party’s former heartland town elected a Conservative MP for the first time in 62 years.

Former Hartlepool police officer stole £100,000-plus from firm in finance role, Ex-wife of tragic Hartlepool veteran raises awareness about PTSD support, 'Justice has been served' - Family of Hartlepool pensioner react to nurse's jailing for fraud, Santa Parade in Hartlepool pictures: See 15 pictures as Santa Claus returns to Hartlepool with festive parade, Meet Bradley Lowery's adorable baby sister Gracie-Mae as family release first pictures, Police in Hartlepool given power to disperse large groups of youths after reports of antisocial behaviour, One person taken to hospital after collision on the A19 near Hartlepool, Appeal to find relatives of Hartlepool man who passed away in October, Latest redevelopment talks between Hartlepool United and council 'go well', Police dismantle suspected cannabis farm with hundreds of plants in Hartlepool, This website and its associated newspaper are members of Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). The Conservatives won the Labour stronghold of Hartlepool with almost more than half of the votes cast, and a swing from Labour of almost 16%. Survation interviewed 517 Hartlepool residents aged 18 and over by telephone between April 23 and 29. 9 June 2021. Peter Franklin: Ten reasons why Labour isn’t dead yet. Britain’s leading Conservative blog for news, comment, analysis and campaigns, edited by Paul Goodman. A Hartlepool councillor has joined the Conservative Party, after previously representing the Independent Union. Johnson puts the case for more localism in England. Where you can charge your electric car for free in Hartlepool during COP26, Locked up: Rogues' gallery of the latest Hartlepool and East Durham criminals now in jail.

SCOTS reacted as the traditionally Labour stronghold of Hartlepool went to the Tories for the first time in a Westminster by-election.

Britain's governing Conservative Party made further inroads in the north of England on Friday, winning a special election in the post-industrial town of Hartlepool for a parliamentary seat that the main opposition Labour Party had held since the position's creation in 1974. For …

Elected Councillor to Hambleton District Council for Raskelf and White Horse Ward in May 2019, Mortimer contested Leeds East as the Conservative candidate at the 2019 United Kingdom general election. She was elected as Member of Parliament for Hartlepool at the by-election held on 6 May 2021, following the resignation of the sitting Labour MP. 12. Silence from Conservatives over Steve Turner sex assault allegations By Stuart Arnold Local Democracy Reporter Teesside PCC count at Thornaby Pavilion.

3 May 2021. His net rating (the difference between those who approve and disapprove) of +23 compared quite starkly to Starmer’s -18. Now, with the vaccine programme a visible success, it is clear that Boris Johnson’s party is enjoying a “vaccine bounce”. Labour Councillor Jennifer Elliott added in her statement: “We understand that Mr Bedding has previously also approached senior figures in Hartlepool’s Tory controlled council to discuss this matter”. Found inside – Page 69... however , the 1866 bill was likely in every way to have been disastrous to the Conservative party . ... and Dewsbury ) were likely to be Liberal seats as against two possible Conservative seats at Stalybridge and Hartlepool . There are so many reasons to commit to Space. Our company Hartlepool Conservative Club is located in the city of Hartlepool, region Durham England.

The rickety folding tables looked like they could hardly cope with the weight of votes for the Tory … Keir Starmer begins damage limitation as Tories We left the EU precisely to take back control.

Johnson’s popularity among Hartlepool voters was clearly a significant factor in this victory. Liked.

Live near Hartlepool. Answer (1 of 3): There are a number of factors why it may be regarded a “big deal" that Hartlepool went to the Tories at the 2021 by-election: 1.

Yesterday Dominic Cummings said that the centre ground does not exist; you may not like the messenger, but this could prove to be true. Retweet. 333476 - HARTLEPOOL. Iain Dale: The student said men are physically stronger than women. The 2021 Hartlepool by-election was a by-election held in the UK parliamentary constituency of Hartlepool following the resignation of the sitting Member of Parliament (MP), Mike Hill. The legal address of the company 2 Church Walk. Found inside – Page 45However, Hartlepool was not the worst Conservative result in the 'real' elections of 2004. One of the few reasons for cheer under Hague had been the 1999 elections to the European Parliament, in which the Conservatives secured 35.8 per ... By Amanda Milling MP | 18. Our very first MP, Ralph Ward Jackson, was a Conservative and I remember growing up when Commander John Kerans filled the post from 1959 to 1964.

Labour lose Hartlepool. Moreover, the Conservatives have rarely secured more than 30% of the vote in Hartlepool, whereas Labour routinely exceed 40%, and secured over 50% of the vote as recently as 2017.

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