They were pleasant and helpful." Unfortunately with the flashing TV it gave me pretty bad nausea to the point of wanting to vomit, this is the first time I've experienced anything like this on a plane, was definitely looking forward to landing so I didn't have this nauseating feeling anymore. Eye-rolling and tone. ", Pros: "Great flight with early departure; not crowded" ", Pros: "No services on this flight were above average." Cons: "That we had to sleep like homeless people on the floor of JFK airport as the airline was not able to provide for a crew and therefore cancelled the flight. Cons: "Delay Heat on plane at 98 degrees upon boarding", Cons: "The flight and the entire process with American was just fine. While we had no carry-ons it was very striking as I have never heard this kind of communication in decades of traveling with different airlines. All rights reserved. ", "Boarding was on time (if not a little early). I couldn't sleep. Be aware that choosing a non-stop flight can sometimes be more expensive while saving you time. Very courteous, clean planes , no problems", Pros: "Alaskas great cheese plate" Cons: "Unbelievable wait times at LGA. See all routes, airlines and scheduled direct (non-stop) flights from Nashville International (BNA). Forced to check carry on because of a pocket in the front when other passengers were allowed to bring actual suitcases which were taken right before boarding. Seats were uncomfortable on both flights, but not as bad as Spirit Airlines. First flight attendant to ever make the trip as exceptional as possible. They charge for carry on's, $40.00!! Regretted purchasing my flight with Sun Country would have much rather flown Delta. $20 for Internet that’s constantly buffering??? The gentleman was very pleasant and thoughtful (he was reluctant to wake my husband to put his seatback up before landing), and the food was surprisingly good." Looking for flights to Nashville, Tennessee? I had just arrived at my destination and realized it was missing, and before panic set in I got a call from someone at Alaska Airlines, saying they had my bag. These charter flights are subject to Department of Transportation Public Charter Regulations. Allegiant is offering new nonstop flights between Appleton and Nashville.

A nice touch! I regret trying to save $20 by booking that flight. Hundred percent a company all about customer service", Pros: "Crew was courteous and gave constant updates in regards to any delays." ", Pros: "Nothing it was cold no blankets." I was so upset I couldn't think straight but she did!, many thanks to this kind lady. And, the surly, clueless Chicago-based gate agent was the coupe de grace in my search for a reasonable explanation after which I waited impatiently for this episode to conclude. Flight Attendant: "See if it will fit under your seat." Still awaiting my refund from American for the return leg which was cancelled and left a lady traveling alone stranded at Detroit airport in the night. ", Pros: "I didn't like much about this flight." I was scared. ", Pros: "The crew was friendly, the cabin and bathrooms were very clean and the separation among passengers was unexpected and great" Not to the fault of the crew at LaGuardia, but just based on the annoyance and impatience of the passengers waiting to board. However KLM allowed a passenger — who did not pay for the emergency row to sit next to me because he needed the extra space because he was a liarge man, and clearly didn’t fit very well in the economy seats. We offer cheap direct, non-stop flights including one way and roundtrip tickets. The plane was late to arrive at the gate and we were also told that while the pilot was ready to take off, we couldn't leave because we were waiting for a flight attendant to land from Pittsburgh (we were in La Guardia airport in NYC). 3. We apologize.

Cons: "Didn't like getting herded onto a shuttle bus where most people had to stand packed in like sardines, only to idle for 15 minutes and drive in a circle back to the gate because there was something wrong with the plane. Our 30-seat aircraft offer a custom safe, and efficient travel option for your group or event. Waste of money choosing that ticket and time frame when it was clearly not a concern of American Airlines that I was missing my rides, late getting to CMH etc. Well about 5 people on a small flight had to see them. Is this what you call customer services??? Remove ads. Please note that due to the current high demand your waiting time could be over 30 minutes. Had to leave the airport because i thought i was leaving at 6:20 pm :(", Cons: "The kiosk had no where to enter my DoD number to get precheck.

My flight was delayed 12 hours overnight due to "weather" and since it was reportedly because of uncontrollable weather delta didn't have to do anything for me so I slept in the JFK airport overnight, they wouldn't even give a $59 pass to their sky miles club for the afternoon. Cons: "I did not get a choice of seat for the one and a half hour flight from Amsterdam to Munich and I sat in a middle row for the first time in 20 years. Reservations and Coupons. ", Cons: "Made up time after leaving late and baggage out on time!! This was the last leg of our return home and this was a welcome flight after the 14 hour flight we had previously." It was like she was absolutely offended by my presence. ", Pros: "Plane was comfortable and modern. Really like that.

Plane was 30min late at destination. ", Pros: "Zero" No complimentary cocktails for Preferred Seating? Appleton airport will have a new direct flight to Nashville ", Pros: "Friendly, efficient crew" and then on check in they nickel and dime you with extra costs for even a carry on AND to choose a seat that you already bought!! ", Pros: "I got a seat in the exit row with lots of leg room. Prices shown may also require membership in our travel club, Discount Den ® . Fares From. Then they finally tell us that the reason the fligt hasnt boarded was because the flight attendant misplaced her luggage in the previous flight and was waiting to arrive to the terminal. I realize I should've arrived much earlier but I did try to check in online prior to arriving at the airport however their online check in process only gave me the option of paying an additional $15 fee to choose my seat, which I did not think I should have had to since I'd already paid for the flight and didn't care where I sat. ", Pros: "The flight crew was pleasant. Upon arrival we could barely walk and looked like two old women limping down the jetway. Nashville (BNA) to Atlantic City (ACY) One Way. ", "The entertainment could have been better", "8 hour delay and cancellation. And then had to sit on the tarmac while they tried to squeeze us in. Food better than expected. This is the average non-stop flight time based upon historical flights for this route. Cons: "I didn't like that American Airlines had not staffed our flight, so we waited for 4.5 hours for a flight attendant who would be able to complete the flight crew so we could leave. ", Cons: "We ran into a combination of traffic, parking, and other issues that drove us to arrive at our check-in at 7pm for a 7:40pm flight. ", Pros: "I like the crew, they served everyone well on the plane." ", Cons: "New cheap fare is honestly offensive trash. The check-in in San Diego was painfully slow. This is shameful! Many airlines fly to Nashville Intl Airport, the most common ones being American Airlines, Air France, and Aeromexico. Music lovers are drawn to Nashville, home to country music superstars from Johnny Cash to Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum. Even that was mediocre. I turned my air fan on, and my there were some brown spots on my hands. Lovely crew. Nashville International (BNA) is a bigger airport in United States. Cons: "The plane was to hot. ", Pros: "The crew was great. Comfortable seats. Nonstop Nashville-to-London service is ready for booking again after a two-year break because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I understand the other passengers comfort was important and if that was the case he should’ve paid $60 as well." The flight attendants should have a special closet just for them, not taking up valuable real estate for guests' luggage. It is an international airport. Currently there are no airlines flying direct from the UK to Nashville.

Cons: "The gate agent at JFK was annoying. We have detected that your device has some settings disabled. ", Pros: "One helpful person at baggage check." Check-in in MSP was quick and some of the attendants were friendly based on what I overheard. ", Pros: "Entertainment on screens" It's been 16 days, we called the baggage services office several times, wrote e-mails, even talked to someone in person in the MSP office and yet nobody's able to help. Desk staff and flight attendants were polite and accommodating." Return prices range from £68 - £462 and one-ways Nashville start as low as £36. It does not reflect badly on American Airlines, but it does give travelers a bad lasting impression.

I made it home! Things to do in Nashville, TN Nashville International Airport has play areas for children that are located on both Concourses A and B. Cons: "We had to deplane and switch to another aircraft after boarding was complete the first time.

GSP begins new nonstop flight to Nashville with Contour ... Inflight entertainment options were limited. ", Pros: "The flight was not completely full, so there was extra room." All in all I was not happy with my experience with sun country. You will also find a number of shops and restaurants including Berry Field Bistro, Gibson Cafe, Hissho Sushi and La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant. ", Pros: "Efficient and kept us informed despite weather delay. The safety announcement was awful. How many flights are there from FSD to BNA per day? The distance to the offside was rather far and we were packed in a shuttle. Flight Attendant: I cant open it because it's locked. How about less drunken bush piloting and get your drunken pilots who've been busted in the last few years to shut up and stop telling everyone that all Alaska pilots are drunks as defense of there drunkeness. Turn lighting on repeatedly on redeye - spend half the time making useless announcements. We compare thousands of flight deals to get you there. And for this particular trip the video boards weren't working.. Cons: "While the pilot was taking us to the runway before takeoff, there were some noises that could be heard in the roof. The only good thing was they gave me an exit row, which was comfortable and allowed me to get on the plane first. Let me check in and select my already paid for seat online and pay for my bag ahead of time! I had screaming children behind me and I know that's not entirely the airline's fault, butthe delay contributed significantly to the children's misery and thus ours, and the in-flight announcements were way too loud; they woke them up abruptly and started tantrums in several places throughout the cabin. The descent to landing was to fast when near the runway, and we crashed hard like a carrier landing. You can, but then additional fee for seat selection is charged. Cons: "WiFi was poor", Pros: "Phone charger on plane, headphones, possibility of renting a tablet, food options, good customer service" Didn’t recline. Search for Nashville flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. Your staff at the gate offered her a flight to Cleveland for next day at 3:30 pm??? Take off, landing on time & drama free. How about a breathalyzer or something, everybody knows the drunken pilots, the can't be fired and they know it, so it takes years to sober them up at our expense. We were re-booked on a flight that left two hours later, but that flight was delayed 3 hours. Once beverage service began, she was an ideal flight attendant: bright, effervescent, personable, attentive, even solicitous. Cons: "The safety instructions portion of the flight was not thorough. We booked through priceline.The flight hadn't even started boarding and we were not allowed to check-in. After several delays, they started boarding us at 1:00am, but the boarding process so messy and confuse, the plane couldn’t took off before 1:40 by 1 minute and they had to cancel the flight with 200 people inside the plane. This was found by aggregating across different carriers and is the cheapest price for the whole month. If it doesn't, I will forfeit as the aggravation and nasty behaviour at the check in counter especially at LaGuardia is too much to take. While waiting for your flight you can admire the eye-catching Arts at the Airport, with works by both local and national artists. This is something I've experienced on a couple other airlines too, but the legroom on planes has gotten worse. Over an hour late. The airport code is BNA. Airport terminal was very small and stuffy. The thought of having to do so turns my stomach. Overall, this was a great airline that seemed to actually care about the people on the plane as opposed to other 1st class experiences I have had where people try to get the most out of you for the least amount of effort.

Cons: "The crew at the check in on our way out of nashville had the worst attitude I have ever experienced from an airline. Cons: "getting drunk", Cons: "The flight was full. Inconsistency about carry on sizes We paid for extra leg room in an exit row and we're given a very brief safety talk while 2 others asked to sit in an exit row and were given no instructions", Pros: "I got from point A to B on a non-stop flight. If you pay online you have to pay an extra $30 for a carryon item or $20 for a checked bag. Points bookings do not include taxes, fees, and other government/airport charges of at least $5.60 per one-way flight. Also, you would think on a 5.5 hr flight that occurs over/near dinner time there would be more food options than just snack packs. What would have been an awesome experience became a miserable one, with the bonus that I paid extra for the treatment. Book cheap flights to Nashville | Alaska Airlines I honestly don’t remember the last time I was so cramped and uncomfortable. Cons: "Delayed 40 min at gate in LGA", Pros: "I like the fact that Jetblue handled the on boarding ot the passengers fast and efficiently starting with preferred riders, then going from the rear of the plane and moving forward.

She forced us to check carry on bags for no apparent reason. ", Pros: "great flight, good social distance and empty seats in between" The cheapest airline ticket to Nashville Intl Airport from the United States in the last 72 hours was $20 one-way, and $117 round-trip on the route from Newark to Nashville Intl Airport. Flying from Nashville Airport. It was late and very disappointing!!! I fly weekly for work on another major airline, and only took this one in a crunch. British Airways resumes nonstop service from Nashville ... All we got in return was an apology. The top international destinations from here are Toronto (YYZ) and London (LHR). You can then pick the flights that suit you best. Cheapest direct return flight $38. One flight attendant ignored the situation. The seasonal flights run twice a week between Appleton International Airport and . Flight arrived early but no gate so we had to wait." Cons: "Longer flight than normal due to Florence", Pros: "Excellent healthy snack options and variety. Packed the plane with the seats full and all rows filled.

Huge bonus." Cons: "I use airline apps to see what baggage claim I need to go to, because airport monitors are usually too far away for me to see them. Cons: "less drunk people", Pros: "Crew was good"

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