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Local bowling Hall of Fame welcomes three new members

Bellefontaine association honors Harman with annual scholarship









Mike Moore, the late Zack Keller and Shelly Kline Chambers were recently inducted into the Bellefontaine USBC Hall of Fame during the local bowling association’s annual banquet.

All three were inducted for outstanding performance and contributions to the sport of bowling, with Keller being inducted posthumously. He died in a car crash last August.

Moore has been involved in bowling for over 30 years. He has bowled in numerous state tournaments and bowled on teams that won five league tournaments, four city tournaments and set four team house records.

His high average was 220 and his high series was 814. He has bowled a 298 game, two 299 games, three 300 games and three 800 series.

Moore is a past director of the bowling association and also served as a league officer. He has donated equipment to local high school teams and assisted with the 2009 state Elks tournament at T-P Lanes.

The late Keller began bowling during his youth and continued to thrive in the sport until he passed away at the age of 24.

During high school, he was the runner-up in the Coldwater doubles tournament and he was a member of the Bellefontaine team that participated in the state tournament.

After high school, he bowled on T-P Lanes teams that won five league titles, four city titles and set two team house records. His high average was 231 and high series was 842. He bowled four 299 games, an impressive 27 300 games and 25 800 series. He bowled in the 2009 PBA tournament in Columbus and bowled an 800 series in three different bowling centers. He has the second-highest series at T-P Lanes with an 842 and carried better than a 220 average over his last five seasons.

Keller also was a past director of the association and served as a high school coach. He enjoyed giving lessons to youth bowlers and donated bowling balls to the high school programs in the area.

Chambers bowled for more than 25 years. She bowled in 10 national tournaments, 20 state tournaments and 20 inter-city tournaments.

Her high average was 189. She had a high series of 689 and a high game of 279. She bowled in the Ohio Buckeye Belle & Queens Tournament, was a member of teams that won eight league titles and four city tournament titles, and won an all-events actual title.

Chambers bowled on squads that set nine house records during the 1991-95 seasons. She bowled on a four-woman team that shot 2,380 in 1992, and was a member of the team that won the inter-city tournament actual title in 1995.

As a youth bowler, she won the mother/daughter state tournament, bowled several 600 series and won awards in the Bus Dill Tournament.

She served as an officer in many league positions at T-P Lanes and is a past Bellefontaine WBA board member and association secretary. She also was an assistant coach/teacher for the BHS Saturday enrichment classes for bowling.

In addition to the Hall of Fame ceremony, the Bellefontaine association honored Bellefontaine High School student Kinsey Harman with a $1,000 scholarship. A daughter of Chris and Cheryl Harman, she plans to attend Miami University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in interior design.

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