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Don’t take away our Twitter


I had a front row seat (actually it was a fourth row seat) to a hot topic — albeit a short one — of controversy at Ohio State this week.

Just before Urban Meyer’s first weekly press conference Monday, we were told by Ohio State football sports information director Jerry Emig that we were not permitted to tweet while Meyer and the other coaches spoke.

I heard a few grumbles from some of the other media members gathered around me as they waited anxiously with their laptops to fire off tweets.

At the time, it did not seem like a big deal to me. The reason given for the “Twitter ban” was to keep the press conference on track. That made sense to me.

However, word of the ban caught fire. Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon-Journal wrote a column in his paper Tuesday offering his dislike of Ohio State being able to tell the media when it is allowed to release information. Several national media outlets picked up on it and it became a hot topic on Twitter.

Part of the angst for the ban came from the fact that the press conference is carried live on a Columbus radio station. Lloyd argued that it makes little sense to prevent reporters from tweeting updates when the press conference is already being relayed live to the public.

As a result, OSU officials reconsidered the ban and announced Tuesday night that it had been lifted. That means that Buckeye fans can now get live Twitter updates during the remaining 11 Urban Meyer press conferences this year.

All is good in the Twitter world again.

Now on to this week’s football picks:

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