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Ben Logan levy would help with expenses

I am a junior from Benjamin Logan High School and I have been researching the current issues in the village of Rushsylvania for my AP Government class. Throughout my research I have contacted the mayor and the clerk of Rushsylvania Diane Rader. Diane was extremely helpful in giving me the information needed and seemed very well prepared to answer any questions asked on the spot. We communicated via e-mail considering both of our schedules did not clash well together. I asked her questions like: What are the current issues in the village of Rushsylvania at the moment? What is your budget for the village? How will the new levy that you are trying to pass effect the people in Rushsylvania? Where do you go to vote? Are there any other extreme issues going on at the moment?

The current issues going on in Rushsylvania are very subtle. When I asked her what they were she responded with, “Current issues are finding an electric choice program for our village, deciding what fireworks company we will contract with for the 4th of July celebration, and whether to purchase another dumptruck.” The people of Rushsylvania will also be asked in November to pass a 3-mills renewal levy at the general election for the current expenses to be used for the safety and welfare of the people of Rushsylvania. You now question yourself on where the money is coming from to pay for all of these current expenses. The money will come from the people of Rushsylvania through taxes. Village homeowners will pay $.30 cents per $100 of property value for a 5-year period, along with the 2013 budget of $599,128.08. Once election day rolls around, some of you may not know where to go to place in your vote even if you want to.

As of right now the current place to go cast your vote on election day is Church of Christ, 170 E. Mill in Rushsylvania. Diane said, “There are no serious issues in the village. The residents are, however, anxiously awaiting the natural gas lines to be constructed in Rushsylvania.”

This letter was intended to inform you on the current issues in the village of Rushsylvania and help getting an understanding of the village you live in or by.

Morgan Centers

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 October 2013

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Student researches Riverside levy

I am a junior at Benjamin Logan High School. My AP Government class is researching local levies/elections. Our goal is creating voter guides to help inform the people about the upcoming levies/elections. We are just presenting the facts to the people, nothing more.

I had the task of researching the levy for Riverside Local Schools in DeGraff, Ohio. I interviewed the superintendent of Riverside Schools this fall to gather this information. The superintendent of Riverside Schools is Scott Mann, a former principal of Riverside High School. He has been superintendent for two years. This will be the first levy during his time as superintendent. This is the first time the levy is on the ballot.

This year, the election is held on November 5, and polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Voters in the Riverside School District can vote at these polling locations:

• Harrison Precinct, County Engineer’s Building at 1991 County Road 13, Bellefontaine, OH 43311

• Miami Precinct, Quincy Community Building at 505 Carlisle St., Quincy, OH 43343

• DeGraff Precinct, Riverside Local School Building at 2096 County Road 24, North Entrance, DeGraff, OH 43318

• Pleasant Precinct, Riverside Local School Building at 2096 County Road 24, North Entrance, DeGraff, OH 43318

• Union Precinct, Union Township Building at 5844 Township Road 201, Bellefontaine, OH 43311

The levy that will be on the upcoming ballot is a proposed reduction in income tax. When asked why use an income tax instead of a property tax for example, his response was “... Because of the large amount of farmers in the area; they would be hit harder than most other people because of all the farmland they own.” He stated, “It is so that everyone takes a piece of the pie.” This is just saying that everyone pays a fair share. Levies of other schools have been an increase income tax, but Riverside’s levy is a reduction in income taxes. This is because 3-5 years ago the income tax was two percent, which was rather high. Their focus is to make great decisions and this would be the first step in that by reducing that high two percent income tax.

The money will go towards operating expenses. Nineteen to 20 percent of operating expenses are related to this levy. The expenses consist of buses, operating fees, etc. The need for the income tax is for the operating expenses, buses a major part, and to help eliminate cutting and having to make cuts. Also, the need for this is because big cuts were made before and they do not want this to happen again.

The test scores on Riverside’s report cards were very low and when asked if there was a correlation between the test scores and the amount of money spent per student, he said, “I do believe that is a correlation and we take pride in it and things are being done to change these scores and improve them.” Some actions that are being done to raise these scores is extended block times, for example: Math went from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.


Mack Horton

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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Athletic boosters urge support of Indian Lake levy

The Indian Lake Athletic Booster Club was formed for the purpose of assisting in achieving a highly successful interscholastic athletic program. The organization strives to promote outstanding cooperation, spirit and good will between athletes, cheerleaders, coaches, school and the community. In support of Indian Lake Schools, we aim to better develop our student athletes into well-rounded individuals and encourage recognition of our coaches and athletes. We coordinate fundraising activities to provide financial support when needed and support and encourage community involvement towards all athletic programs. The Indian Lake Athletic Boosters organization supports the Indian Lake School Levy, in hopes of achieving “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow.”

Mike Lump
Indian Lake Athletic Booster President

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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Children’s futures hinge on levy passage

We are Indian Lake parents with two students in the district. The level of education that our sons receive is exceptional, as the Indian Lake Schools is recognized as a school with “excellent with distinction” status from the state of Ohio.

As the funds designated to help support Indian Lake Schools decreased, the district placed many cost-saving procedures in place, including, not replacing retiring staff, cutting supplemental contracts and salary and benefits frozen for the staff.

But this is not enough to help maintain the cost of the increase in basic operating expenses. With a vote of yes to the 2013 Emergency Levy, it will generate $732,000 to help fund the cost of a quality education at Indian Lake Schools.

The cost of this yes vote to us is only $28 semi-annual for a $100,000 home, or $4.66 a month. I certainly believe the future of our children is valuable as “Learners Today and Leaders Tomorrow.”

Please join us in voting yes for Indian Lake Schools on November 5.

Cale and Andrea Jacobs

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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Benjamin Logan tax levy is burdensome to taxpayers

I have never written regarding any school levy or anything, but every time you pick up the paper that’s all you see — new Bellefontaine City School, West Liberty-Salem problems, teachers, city employees raises.

What Logan County doesn’t realize is: Not everyone works for Honda or any state, city, federal, etc., government affiliated (or retired).

The economy has not and will not return to norm — look at the younger generation (includes ages up to 40), tattoos and other forms of body art, won’t work or even look for work because the government has made it too easy to receive aid.

Sorry — back to Ben Logan — I’m 68 years old and have worked for 55 years which includes paying into Social Security. I have never worked for any employer who paid for my transportation to and from home furnishing vehicle, gas, oil, tires, insurance, etc.

I’m not sure if this (location) would be Riverside or West Liberty-Salem district, but Union and Liberty townships I know is not even Ben Logan district, which doesn’t matter. At today’s gas prices (another sore subject) seems to be a large cost and school buses get less mileage than a car. There is a lot of land at the school where buses and personal vehicles should be parked. Not at a home of the driver.

There are many ways to cut costs without asking for more money from property owners.

A former resident of Logan County for 25 years,

Rebecca S. White
Plain City

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 October 2013

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Support USV schools

Dear USV voters,

On Nov. 13, your school board will be asking for a 1.8 mill, 4-year permanent improvement levy. The purpose of the levy is to care for and maintain the school facilities that we  have and to purchase educational equipment. Yes, we have a .5 mill maintenance issue which raises $30,176 but does not fulfill the amount needed to keep up with required costs. The recommended maintenance budget is $320,000 per year. Even with the new levy we would still fall short of the desired amount needed but would be able to do more.

With passage of the levy, we haven’t passed one for additional funds for 18 years, USV would still be last in the county in school tax liability. We understand these economic times are hard and the district leaders truly believe these funds are needed and will spend the money wisely. None of the funds will be used for salaries or benefits. Some of the items on the list of things needed are computer equipment upgrades, new security cameras, high school and elementary science lab equipment, musical instruments to help rebuild the band, resurfacing of the track, interior door replacement, boiler seal repair, just to name a few.

We have a school to be proud of, in fact, several of our graduates have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, educators and successful business partners in their chosen field. Your school jumped over 96 other schools in Performance Index on the school report card. USV  is heading towards becoming a school with athletic and educational pride. As we continue to move forward, we need your support by voting yes, to keep USV heading in the right direction.

Joyce Campbell
Member USV Levy Committee

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 October 2013

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Regarding the government shutdown and the defunding of Obamacare

Although I prefer single payer Medicare for all or a public option to health care, Obamacare — officially known as the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act — is the first legitimate effort in the history of this nation to provide most Americans access to health insurance. A sad thing to even acknowledge in the year 2013.

Many conservatives and those with right-wing attitudes would call the Republicans voting to defund Obamacare principaled.

What they have me recalling are the racist politicians, primarily in the South, who upheld slavery and then segregation for hundreds of years. They couched principle in states’ rights, nullification and interposition.

There was no principle involved, of course. Only evil in denying an entire race of Americans (blacks) their Constitutional rights.

I now ask where is any principle to denying millions of Americans of all creeds and colors the basic human right of health care?

What all this basically boils down to is another war on poor people. You may also remember that Republicans in the House of Representatives recently voted to cut four billion dollars a year (40 billion over 10 years) from the nation’s food stamp program.

You can slice it and dice it any way you please, but what these Republican hardliners are doing is a despicable act.

Jerry Turner

Last Updated on Friday, 27 September 2013

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