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Ben Logan children need voter support

The residents of Benjamin Logan Local School District have the future of its students in their hands on Tuesday, November 5th. Voter support is needed to continue offering the current educational programs and to protect the investment in students.

The 4.0-mill levy is needed due to a loss of revenue, not due to overspending. Almost two million dollars has been reduced from the budget to postpone going to the voters as long as possible. The district has eliminated teaching positions, personnel, administrative positions, student programs, field trips, textbook purchases and many other areas that directly and indirectly impact the education of our children. We are running a very lean operation and are doing “a lot with a little.” But we have come to a point where further reductions will greatly change what Benjamin Logan offers our students.

The district has not seen new levy operating revenue since 1999. With the passage of this levy and through continued careful spending, purchasing and cost conscious programming our goal is to make funding last another 10 years.

We are committed to maintaining a quality education in the Benjamin Logan Local Schools but public education is being challenged like never before. We simply cannot afford to get further and further behind. The cost of catching up is too great — not only financially, but educationally. The only “fair” tax is one that makes a stronger school system and helps our children become better prepared for tomorrow. They need your support.

Vote “yes” for the Benjamin Logan Schools on November 5th.

Lori Lytle
Benjamin Logan Local Schools

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 October 2013

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Eichenauer right for WL-Salem board

As we quickly approach Election Day, I would like to ask the West Liberty-Salem school community to join me in supporting Kent Eichenauer for reelection to the WL-S school board. We are extremely fortunate to have an excellent school that strives to provide a quality education for each and everyone of the students it serves. One way to ensure that we maintain a high level of achievement for our school is to support and vote for board members that are dedicated to maintaining academic excellence for all students, represent the values of our district and are committed to being good stewards of the district’s resources. Kent has proven himself to be a dedicated board member who represents all of the members of our community and is not limited to focusing on narrow issues and concerns. Kent is committed to our community and the students of our community and has exhibited this commitment through hard work on behalf of the board, respectful representation and involvement in the school and its activities. As a board member for the past eight years, Kent has exhibited strong leadership in his ability to listen, question, work with colleagues and make thoughtful decisions based on the needs and best interest of our school community.

As a resident of the West Liberty-Salem school district and community, I am proud of our school and am pleased to support a proven leader like Kent Eichenauer who is the kind of school board member that will continue to keep our school academically strong; community focused; fiscally responsible and will do his “Tiger Best” every day.

Jane Core Thomas
West Liberty

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 October 2013

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Levy necessary to keep West Liberty vibrant

Dear village residents,   

As mayor of the village of West Liberty, I would like to address the concerns of myself and village council in regards of the renewal levy. I cannot stress enough the importance of passing the levy. It is a renewal and it is no new money. I would like to inform the community that we need this money to be able to sustain our village in the years to come. In 2009, the state of Ohio cut funding to municipalities. Meaning the only consistent funding coming into the village was/is from the levy for the last five years. As mayor and village council, we felt that in order to maintain our standard of life here we need to make a proactive approach to generate revenue to provide the services that the community expects.

I believe that the citizens in our community do not realize our state and federal governments have pushed the responsibilities of survival back to the local levels of government. In 2008, we received $257,388 in local government, inheritance and interest and in 2012 we received $61,426.

We have made cuts on our budget over the last five years. We believe if we are to cut any more we will be cutting into the bones of our budget and the effects will not be well received. Some important issues that we face as a community are our aging streets. We no longer have the money to make necessary repairs.

I firmly believe in order for our community to remain vibrant, we must pass the renewal levy for not only ourselves, but for our future generations that will live in this community.

Mayor Gregory J. Hostetler and Council
West Liberty

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 October 2013

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Lehman committed to Stokes Township

I am writing to recommend Robert Lehman for Stokes Township Trustee. I have known Bob for more than 30 years as a co-worker and friend and I know that he would serve you very well as a trustee.

Bob is committed to your community. Besides living and working there he is active in his church, the food pantry and other community endeavors. He would be an asset to you and the township and I recommend him without reservation.

Michael Lewis
Tipp City

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 October 2013

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Motorists should respect equestrians

This past weekend I had the pleasure of riding as an outrider for an equestrian group called the “Central Ohio Wagoneers.” We traveled a planned route through a portion of the beautiful Logan County countryside by horse-drawn vehicle and horseback. It was a good eighteen and a half mile ride through Zanesfield, Marmon Valley, Middleburg and back to Zanesfield, in spite of the rain and cold.

The outriders serve the wagons in the wagon train as safety riders. Their job is to ride the front and rear of the procession to alert traffic to the many horses and wagons on the roadway and allow vehicle traffic to pass in a safe manner. I thank the entire considerate motoring public who slowed down and stopped for the outriders and the wagon train.

During these rides though, there is sometimes one “jack***” operating a motor vehicle that passes the wagon train and wants to have angry words with an outrider. Saturday was one of those days. There was a car approaching the wagon train in the opposite direction and not slowing down. The driver acted as though they were not even paying attention or did not care. The outrider was waving a red flag attempting to get the driver’s attention and yelled to the car to “slow down” as it passed. A second car being operated by one of these “jack*****” was following that first fast moving car. The second car stopped, the operator began to yell at the outrider, telling him he could not talk to his mother that way and he began to lean outside the car, waving his arm and pointing his finger in a threatening manner, he even acted as though he was going to strike at the horse. This display of bad behavior was uncalled for.

Nothing derogatory was said to the first car by the outrider and nothing was said to cause this type of behavior from any motorist. The outrider tried to apologize and tell the guy he was simply trying to get the person operating the car ahead of him to slow down. This guy continued to be confrontational and did not want to listen to any explanation. The outrider turned his horse away from the “jack***” in disbelief. The guy then said to the outrider “who do you think you are?” “You are just a horse rider” and then sped off. The confrontational driver was right; we were just “horse riders.” But, we had just as much right to the roadway as he did.

If you ever come upon and pass an equestrian, also known as a “horse rider” while you are driving down the road, please be courteous enough to slow down. It is not just a matter of courtesy, it is the law. You may prevent someone from being injured or worse by showing a little courtesy and obeying the law on the highways we all share. By the way, nothing here is meant to be offensive to anyone who owns a male donkey.

Allen Shields
Horse Rider

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 October 2013

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Eichenauer excellent choice for WL-S board

As a community we are given another opportunity to elect school board members that work for the safety of our students, integrity of our staff, support programs of our students, visible member of our community and takes board duties seriously. The person I am asking you to support is Kent Eichenauer for school board member of West Liberty-Salem schools. Kent Eichenauer has displayed all these qualities and does so with pride and eagerness.

Kent Eichenauer has always looked at both sides of an issue, makes decisions carefully and seeks out facts and knowledge to better perform his duties. My favorite attribute of Kent Eichenauer is he has always put the students of West Liberty-Salem first.

Elect Kent Eichenauer for the West Liberty-Salem School Board on November 5th.

Thank you.

Linda Sparks
West Liberty

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 October 2013

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Salem Township road issue troubling

On November 5, 2013, Salem Township Trustees are asking voters to approve a new 1.5-mill levy for “Road Construction and Repair.” Perhaps if the trustees had considered this before involving the township in the costs of the Dellinger Road — Urbana City Sewers Project, they would not have had to come to the voters asking for yet another levy. Taxpayers here are being priced out of their homes without a voice in the project.

Sandy Newman

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 October 2013

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Ben Logan levy would help with expenses

I am a junior from Benjamin Logan High School and I have been researching the current issues in the village of Rushsylvania for my AP Government class. Throughout my research I have contacted the mayor and the clerk of Rushsylvania Diane Rader. Diane was extremely helpful in giving me the information needed and seemed very well prepared to answer any questions asked on the spot. We communicated via e-mail considering both of our schedules did not clash well together. I asked her questions like: What are the current issues in the village of Rushsylvania at the moment? What is your budget for the village? How will the new levy that you are trying to pass effect the people in Rushsylvania? Where do you go to vote? Are there any other extreme issues going on at the moment?

The current issues going on in Rushsylvania are very subtle. When I asked her what they were she responded with, “Current issues are finding an electric choice program for our village, deciding what fireworks company we will contract with for the 4th of July celebration, and whether to purchase another dumptruck.” The people of Rushsylvania will also be asked in November to pass a 3-mills renewal levy at the general election for the current expenses to be used for the safety and welfare of the people of Rushsylvania. You now question yourself on where the money is coming from to pay for all of these current expenses. The money will come from the people of Rushsylvania through taxes. Village homeowners will pay $.30 cents per $100 of property value for a 5-year period, along with the 2013 budget of $599,128.08. Once election day rolls around, some of you may not know where to go to place in your vote even if you want to.

As of right now the current place to go cast your vote on election day is Church of Christ, 170 E. Mill in Rushsylvania. Diane said, “There are no serious issues in the village. The residents are, however, anxiously awaiting the natural gas lines to be constructed in Rushsylvania.”

This letter was intended to inform you on the current issues in the village of Rushsylvania and help getting an understanding of the village you live in or by.

Morgan Centers

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 October 2013

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