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Ben Logan levy would repay debt

The goal of my AP Government class is to increase the voter turnout by discovering the facts and informing the voters.

My issue is the Benjamin Logan Emergency Levy. When I asked if the money would be used to hire staff or what the money would be used for, Superintendent Lori Lytle said, “The purpose of the levy is not to hire staff; it is to pay back the money that the Benjamin Logan School District owes in credit card debt. Right now, that number is a relatively low number. However, if Ben Logan doesn’t do something to take care of it soon, the number will continue to grow instead of being eliminated. Benjamin Logan needs to pay off this debt in order to remain fiscally responsible. This levy will eventually have to be passed; the number cannot just continue to grow.” When asked if the quality of education would go down should the levy not pass, Mrs. Lytle responded, “Benjamin Logan always strives to keep the quality at all costs. It would be more likely that the amount of class offerings would decrease, the class sizes would increase and the debt would increase.” When I asked if cuts would have to be made in the event that the levy did not pass, Superintendent Lytle replied, “In order to stay fiscally responsible, Benjamin Logan previously cut everything they could cut. So, no further cuts can be made immediately. Our staff is down to the bare bones; therefore, further cuts would decrease the quality of education.”

This tax would be a property tax. The taxes would begin being collected in January and the school district would begin receiving them in March or April. The increased cost to each taxpayer is $70 per $50,000 house value.

Camille Watson
West Liberty

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