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Children’s futures hinge on levy passage

We are Indian Lake parents with two students in the district. The level of education that our sons receive is exceptional, as the Indian Lake Schools is recognized as a school with “excellent with distinction” status from the state of Ohio.

As the funds designated to help support Indian Lake Schools decreased, the district placed many cost-saving procedures in place, including, not replacing retiring staff, cutting supplemental contracts and salary and benefits frozen for the staff.

But this is not enough to help maintain the cost of the increase in basic operating expenses. With a vote of yes to the 2013 Emergency Levy, it will generate $732,000 to help fund the cost of a quality education at Indian Lake Schools.

The cost of this yes vote to us is only $28 semi-annual for a $100,000 home, or $4.66 a month. I certainly believe the future of our children is valuable as “Learners Today and Leaders Tomorrow.”

Please join us in voting yes for Indian Lake Schools on November 5.

Cale and Andrea Jacobs

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