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Benjamin Logan tax levy is burdensome to taxpayers

I have never written regarding any school levy or anything, but every time you pick up the paper that’s all you see — new Bellefontaine City School, West Liberty-Salem problems, teachers, city employees raises.

What Logan County doesn’t realize is: Not everyone works for Honda or any state, city, federal, etc., government affiliated (or retired).

The economy has not and will not return to norm — look at the younger generation (includes ages up to 40), tattoos and other forms of body art, won’t work or even look for work because the government has made it too easy to receive aid.

Sorry — back to Ben Logan — I’m 68 years old and have worked for 55 years which includes paying into Social Security. I have never worked for any employer who paid for my transportation to and from home furnishing vehicle, gas, oil, tires, insurance, etc.

I’m not sure if this (location) would be Riverside or West Liberty-Salem district, but Union and Liberty townships I know is not even Ben Logan district, which doesn’t matter. At today’s gas prices (another sore subject) seems to be a large cost and school buses get less mileage than a car. There is a lot of land at the school where buses and personal vehicles should be parked. Not at a home of the driver.

There are many ways to cut costs without asking for more money from property owners.

A former resident of Logan County for 25 years,

Rebecca S. White
Plain City

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