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Regarding the government shutdown and the defunding of Obamacare

Although I prefer single payer Medicare for all or a public option to health care, Obamacare — officially known as the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act — is the first legitimate effort in the history of this nation to provide most Americans access to health insurance. A sad thing to even acknowledge in the year 2013.

Many conservatives and those with right-wing attitudes would call the Republicans voting to defund Obamacare principaled.

What they have me recalling are the racist politicians, primarily in the South, who upheld slavery and then segregation for hundreds of years. They couched principle in states’ rights, nullification and interposition.

There was no principle involved, of course. Only evil in denying an entire race of Americans (blacks) their Constitutional rights.

I now ask where is any principle to denying millions of Americans of all creeds and colors the basic human right of health care?

What all this basically boils down to is another war on poor people. You may also remember that Republicans in the House of Representatives recently voted to cut four billion dollars a year (40 billion over 10 years) from the nation’s food stamp program.

You can slice it and dice it any way you please, but what these Republican hardliners are doing is a despicable act.

Jerry Turner

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