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Support the school children you know

I have been a resident of the West Liberty-Salem School District for 28 years. I have voted for every school levy that was put before me, even if I did not have children in the school district.

We all have or know of a child in the community that attends our school. If we want the future of WL-S to thrive and continue to remain an excellent school system, we need to vote yes for the levy. You cannot expect a building that is over 20 years old not to need repairs.

Support for our children is imperative. Yes we have grown due to open enrollment of children that are not in our district, but they too, deserve a school system where they can thrive. The children in this school system are the children that will be the citizens of this community for years to come. Please vote yes for our children. Go Tigers!

Cindy Horsley
West Liberty

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