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Bond issue is as cost effective as possible

Aug. 6, voters in the WL-S School District have an opportunity to continue improvements in the excellence of the facilities that serve our children, grandchildren ... and for some of us ... great-grandchildren.

Needless to say, school funding in Ohio is a tough subject to sell to the voters. At this point, we cannot do anything about that. But — you asked for a lower cost and a change in the way the project is to be funded. This demand has been heeded. Our project has been tucked, tweaked and tailored to make it as cost efficient as possible. Add to that the fact that the state will provide 71 percent of the funding if a positive vote takes place before September when the opportunity expires.

Also, remember, if we pass the issue in August, property owners will continue to receive the 12.5 percent rollback each year for the life of the bond issue. If we don’t — that tax advantage goes away. The project line, “You spoke, we listened,” holds true in the adjustments made in hopes of securing your confidence.

Join me in voting for the WL-S Levy on Aug. 6.

Patricia Detwiler
West Liberty

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