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Pass bond issue to get state aid

Our school is asking for our help. There is a great need for funding for building repairs. Only the voters of our school communities can give this help. Our school is stuck with little alternative but to ask for our financial assistance, because of the way the state funding laws are written. Superintendent and the Board of Education have to continue to ask for help from our communities of West Liberty-Salem.

Now the state is willing to pay a big share of the building cost. But this money comes with a string attached. The state will give us a great deal of money, if our WLS communities also chip in on the cost. We are getting dangerously close to the state saying since WLS voters do not want state money, the state will withdraw their offer. That would be most devastating.

This is a desperate need our school has. I have never known our communities to ignore the cries for help from a neighbor, friend or a  child. The cry is real and cannot be silenced without our help.

Linda L. Sparks

West Liberty

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