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WL-S residents urged to vote yes on Aug. 6

There will be a special election on Aug. 6 for the residents within West Liberty-Salem School District. On the ballot is a proposed income tax and bond issue to expand and improve the K-12 campus on U.S. Route 68 south of West Liberty.

There is urgency to pass the levy because of the fact that the 71 percent funding from the state expires in September — hence the special election in August.

The building has significant maintenance issues including roof leaks, dry rotted windows, rusted and inoperable doors, patched boiler tanks and undersized classrooms.

These problems will not go away. It will cost the taxpayers substantially more down the road if we don’t take advantage of the 71 percent state funding that is currently available.

Last November the levy did not pass — a very close vote — 52 percent no, 48 percent yes. The levy committee determined that two main objections were the 100 percent property tax and the $5 million locally funded portion. We have now split the tax to 50 percent property and 50 percent income over the life of the bond. In addition, we reduced the LFI money from 5 million to 1.5 million. In making these concessions — we feel that the proposed tax and bond issue is more logical and not excessive. Therefore, we are hopeful that these significant changes will overcome previous objections.

West Liberty-Salem schools has achieved an “excellent” rating and is highly regarded for outstanding education, athletics, faculty and staff. It is paramount that we maintain our facility with the same level of integrity.

Voting yes for WL-S on Aug. 6 ensures a responsible investment in our community.

Patrick Adams


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