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What do we do now — serve more baby food?

The people have spoken. We have elected to continue on the path of depending upon our government to take care of us.

Should I take comfort in the fact that I am not part of the rich one percent? Is it possible mathematically for the richest one percent to support the other 99 percent?

Maybe I should just congratulate the winners and tell them “good game” just like the losers of a football or basketball game do after a defeat. But this is not just a game. The winning team in November has much more than bragging rights. They will have a large influence on our economic, social, national security and even our spiritual future.

Our country has been called a melting pot. After it was established upon unique principles of self-governance we opened our arms and borders and welcomed people from all over the world to share in the freedoms the world had never before known. These people came to share the hope of building a good life for themselves by the sweat of their brows. This didn’t always go smoothly. Many immigrants were taken advantage of and some even forced to work under slavery, but ultimately most inequities were righted and even the poorest Americans have a better standard of living today than their ancestors.

Today we are still a melting pot but the pot is not melting very well. We have “clumps.” We  have “clumps” that have come here illegally not to earn their way but to take advantage of the freedoms that our parents and grandparents worked and died for. We have “clumps” that although they were born here and therefore legal citizens have abused their freedoms by demanding special treatment just because they live here but not willing to work. Some people erroneously believe that “The land of the Free” means that they don’t have to earn what they enjoy, that they are entitled to a substandard living.

Until people who don’t contribute to our economy realize that they are being used by a segment of our ruling class to keep themselves in power by controlling the economic and social lives of the naive they will continue to live at the low end of the economic scale. As long as they are content to be second class citizens, or think that this life of government dependency is the best they can hope for they will never be able to share in a piece of the American pie.

Allowing your government to classify you as a low income citizen by entitling you with subsistence payments, or food stamps, or making employers pay you not to work, etc. will never help you to elevate your lifestyle or self worth.

Throughout history governments that seek to control a significant portion of their citizens economically have not survived. Let’s not allow the United States to become a part of this statistic.

It’s time to take away the baby food. It’s time to take off the training wheels. It’s time we allow people to grow up and become dependent upon themselves.

Larry Edwards

West Liberty

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