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Thievery is weakness

This letter is for the pathetic, low-life and loser who stole the 4-wheeler from my father.

I want you to realize that what you and your friends stole was not just a fun toy. You see my father is disabled and he continues to farm. His age nor disability stops him.

The use of the 4-wheeler was not only recreation at times, it was used for farming. It was used to pull wagons and get him back and forth to the fields.

Also apparently you have been on the property before your act of theft, otherwise his dog would have deterred you.

According to the investigating deputy - it looks like you rode it out to County Road 130 through my back yard. If I had been home you would have had consequences.

I am sure that this is not the first or last time you and your friends have stolen from hard-working people.

Most of us have a job to purchase the items needed for everyday living. Guess you and your friends were taught to steal the items you need to live. Get a job.

I am sure you and your friends have sold it, so if the money is used for drugs then you are pathetic, or if you use it for food, thank the farmer you stole from  - oh and yes you are still pathetic.

Hope you are aware of the following - "What goes around, comes around!"

M.J. Royer

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