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Support West Liberty-Salem schools' bond levy

Now is a time for hope and faith. I am a farmer. This summer there were days when I was afraid I was not going to have a crop to harvest. The month of July was the hottest July on record. It was a drought. In 2011 we had 25 inches of rainfall in two months, April and May. It was a flood. Each year there was at least some crops to harvest because farmers planted seeds hoping to make a crop.

Planting seeds is an act of faith in order to bring about the desired result. One thing is certain; if seeds are not planted there will not be a crop to harvest. No hope, no acts of faith, no crop. The same holds true for our community and our school system.

What do you hope for? If we, collectively, pass the WLS bond levy the tax payments we will make each year are an act of faith just like planting seeds. I call the payments seed money. Seed money makes possible the harvest. The harvest will be the best possible facility we can afford. The facility will present itself as a true representation of the pride this community holds for its culture. It will be a lifelong reminder to former students of their roots. The school will welcome and serve the entire WLS community.

Have hope. Exercise faith. Plant seeds. Vote yes for the WLS bond levy.

Stephen Lapp

Board of Education

West Liberty

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