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Why I struggle with sleepless nights

Dear Friends and Citizens of Logan County,   

As I set here in the early morning after the election, I want to express some of my concerns and thoughts that are keeping me from a good night's sleep.

I am looking at these thoughts not as a Republican, Democrat or Independent, but as a son of a WWII Vet, a Vietnam Vet, husband, father and grandfather and most of all a proud American.

I have been blessed to have been born in this great and exceptional country of the United States of America. This is a country of freedoms and opportunities equaled by none. A country where I was taught by loving parents about religion, work ethic and the fact that I could succeed by working hard and making intelligent decisions. I was also taught early on that making bad decisions had consequences. I was also taught love and responsibility for our country. These are lessons taught by most all parents regardless of political association. We all want our country to be the best it can be, not only for us but for future generations. We all hope and pray that the freedoms and blessings that our forefathers provided for us will provide a safe, happy and successful life for our kids and grandkids. Yet we do not seem to be able to elect representatives to government that secure those hopes. Why? We only seem to elect those who care more for themselves than for us and more for their careers than for serving their country. Why? I can only look at the last four years and wonder how we were led to $16 trillion in debt, how we have had freedoms taken from us by our representatives enacting laws and regulations and by judge decisions that disregard our Constitution, the same Constitution that was designed to protect us from the government. I see a Christian nation founded on Christian principles being oppressed more and more in schools, at work, by government and in our daily lives for political correctness. I see schools and teachers being required to act as parents and used for social and political teaching rather than teach the skills needed to be successful in the future. I see our great country that was once the hope and leader of the world being laughed at by dictators and enemies when once we were respected for our goodness and feared for our power. I see our country never being energy independent because of laws and regulations that do no let us use the resources God has given us but requires us to buy from countries that hate us. I see a country of hardworking God-fearing Americans with no jobs, on unemployment, food stamps and other kinds of government support, not because they want to be but because our government has put them there by their policies. I don't believe that any American wants to see this but yet we cannot elect people that agree with us? I truly believe that when over 50 percent of our working population must depend on government for food, housing, health care and many other programs to survive, that our country as we know it will be gone.

No doubt you can see that I am very fearful for the future of our country. We are told that everything will be OK and that we can solve our problems if we only pay a little more taxes. That is not the answer. Look at Europe where taxes are being raised higher and higher and it cannot fix their problems. Is this the kind of freedom we want? The kind that requires us to work for the government and not for ourself and family? That is where we are headed. We can no longer vote out of office officials that lie, cheat and buy votes using their policies and our tax money? This is not the future I want to see. Going down this path will lead to a USA that has far less freedoms, is weak financially and militarily with a much lower standard of living for future generations. Is this what any of us want? Who do we have to blame? Only ourselves. This is why I cannot sleep tonight and I wonder how many of you are having the same thoughts?

I pray that once again we become a Christian USA and are proud of it. I believe that is the only hope and change that will make a difference.

Dale King

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