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Now is the right time to vote yes for WL-S schools

Now is the time for the West Liberty-Salem Bond Levy. There are urgent repairs needed for our roof, windows, doors and HVAC systems. Furthermore, we will improve technology and ensure added security. In addition, we have historically record low interest rates, 71 percent state share that we know will decrease next year to 68 percent and will cost the district over $1,000,000 more locally.

West Liberty-Salem has attained the "excellent" rating from the state based on academic achievement. We have outstanding administrators, teachers and staff members. It is paramount that we maintain and upgrade our facilities with the same level of integrity.

Operating money has been greatly improved with the reductions made by the district over the last three years and recent tax revenue has improved and shows that our local economy is growing again.

These reductions have had minimal impact on student offerings and have allowed the district to have a positive balance five years out according to our most recent five-year forecast.

Each open enrollment student provides the district $5,704 in tax revenue from the state. This year the district has received a total of $700,000 from open enrollment. This helps to make up for revenue lost to students open enrolling out and attending private, home or charter schools.

This revenue helps our school district continue to operate. The district does not take all open enrollment students, only the number of students that help to fill our class sizes for optimum cost benefit and class size.

The board ensures that our resident students receive optimum class size.

By having open enrolled students, they actually help increase our course offerings, that we could not provide if we did not have enough students.

Education has become a competitive environment. Much like universities, the quality of our educational programing facilities and student academic and extracurricular offerings is reviewed by families to determine if our school district is where they would like to send their children.

In order for WL-S to continue to be an attractive district, we must continue to invest in our school.

We must keep WL-S strong and provide a positive and safe learning environment for our children.

Please join me in protecting our investment and securing our future by voting yes for WL-S on Nov. 6.

Patrick Adams

WL-S Levy Committee Chairman


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