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Invest now in levies in Salem Township

A well-known auctioneer from Salem Township was the master of his craft. We attended many of his farm sales over the years. Believe it or not he worked for both the seller, who hired him and his patron, the buyer. Certain words or phrases were used to communicate to the buyers that the auctioneer expected more bids before the item sold or that the item was more valuable than the current bid. One such phrase was, "Help yourself, help yourself." Everyone knew this meant if you bought it somewhere else you would pay more. Or if you waited to buy it later you would pay more. You get a deal if you buy this item.

In Salem Township the Fire/EMS levy, the Road Levy and the West Liberty-Salem Bond Levy are all items like we described above. Are you paying out money? Sure you are. But you are also getting a deal. Your taxes are paying for a local infrastructure investment. The money isn't going to someone else. You benefit directly and indirectly. If you wait to buy it later, it is almost certain to cost more.

How many days do you not drive your car somewhere? Busses drive the roads to get students to school and back. The school district is one of the largest employers in the area and spends millions of dollars each year through the local economy through the operating budget. If the roads are closed or school is not open for more than one day who do you think hears about it? The needs are real. These levies are an opportunity to invest in your community by investing in local infrastructure. When you consider how to vote on these levies remember the words of the auctioneer "Help yourself, help yourself."

Howard Wilkins

Township Trustee


Stephen Lapp

School Board Member

West Liberty

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