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Dear West Liberty-Salem voters,

How very fortunate we live in the greatest country in the world. We are given opportunities to choose the path our country, state, county, school district and community will take through a valuable constitutional right called voting by the people. So how do we decide how to vote? We look at what the issues are and how each affects us. We seek facts and gauge how trustworthy the information might be.

One big opportunity in point happens to be school issues on the ballot. We all live in a school district where voters select representatives to speak up for us concerning our school. Those people are our board of education individuals. They are all elected officials with the task to give us the facts, weigh the issues, discuss the needs of our school, then determine when community voters need to step in and help. Our board of education members are our neighbors, friends, relatives and financial contributors just as we are to the school.

West Liberty-Salem School Board members are asking for our help to support much needed improvements to the school. Please view the Web site for the detailed list of needs, but one that stands out to me is the security issues facing all schools today. We could never put a price on an individual's life, but we can come up with a price that will help deter and protect our school's inhabitants.

As I had shared with you for several years, the roof on the school building will continue to nickel and dime our school district until it is replaced.

WLS School Board, administrators and core community members have been working hard to come up with the best deal for our school district. They have the state paying for these much needed improvements by the tune of 71 percent. A true shopper would say that is a bargain.

Please join me in using the state's 71 percent off coupon and voting yes for West Liberty-Salem Schools in November.

Linda Sparks

WLS Retired

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