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Have you been called?

I am now 80 plus and I have never seen so many political adds on TV or received so many phone calls. For one thing, I have received five polls from the Republican National Committee because of my past "activity" of which I have not participated. If they ever looked at my first reply they would not have sent me any more. I did not send any money to them either. The amount of money spent on campaigns by both parties could have been spent in many better ways. The American Association of Retired People have also sent me petitions to sign, for them to send to candidates of officeholders to protect Social Security and Medicare. There again, I replied twice with small donations but I get more in the mail that I just throw away.

Locally two persons have been called to Heaven by God after doing much to help the young people and local organizations. Kim Wagner "Wags" did a lot for the community, including serving on local and county boards. Phyllis Fitzpatrick also died recently. If you have ever attended a local high school sports event Phyllis was there with her bag of popcorn. She also served as a mentor for many athletes.

The Forum has printed several letters from men and women that have stated their own views. One recent letter written by Mr. Honeycutt listed many goals of communism that are being accomplished in America. I am not "brain dead" as he states, but I really disagree with his statements.

There is one local contest on which I would like to comment. The election of a judge should not be a political party issue but should be decided in favor of the one most qualified. Both candidates have done much to prove their qualifications. Bridget Hawkins is a member and elder in the local First United Presbyterian Church. Her background of 20 years as a trial attorney, 17 years as a guardian ad litem, military service and as a certified domestic relations mediator qualifiers her as a person who should become judge.

Jim Collins


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