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Vandalism a slap in face to freedom of expression

As Americans, Freedom of Speech, and our right to vote, are among our most precious rights. As we enter another presidential election year, enthusiasm is running high and Americans are eager to discuss issues and support candidates. Wednesday night I put up a large sign in my yard supporting my candidate. I surrounded it with six small American flags. Thursday morning I found it vandalized with spray painted profanity, and the flags were stolen. I am both saddened and angry. Not only because my property was vandalized and stolen, but more importantly my freedom of expression as an American was violated. My husband is a veteran. Our veterans have fought hard for our precious freedoms; this is a slap in the face to all of them. Obviously the vandalism was not done by supporters of my candidate, and I certainly hope this is not the type of people the opposition represents. I doubt any candidate would approve of this.  This was a mindless, criminal, hateful act; the antithesis of what America stands for. As Americans we need to seek the facts, weigh options, make intelligent choices and voice our opinions in a civilized manner. This is a reminder of how critically important it is for us to preserve our freedom and come out to vote.

Holly Ruggles

West Liberty

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