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Mobile dentist office visits Hi-Point

OHP-MobileDentists 1003

The Ohio Hi-Point Career Center recently had a mobile dentist office on campus for students who received dental care through an outreach idea called the Smiles Program.

The Smiles Program is an on-site, school based, dental provider, offerings cleanings and dental work at schools. Students who were interested in the mobile dentists filled out an application at the beginning of the year to receive the dental care needed in a comfortable and effective way. The mobile dentists will return to campus April 16.

The mobile dentists are a way for students who may have not had access to dental care before, to receive a cleaning and an evaluation, and learn that a healthy smile helps students’ employability.

Any student is eligible and can complete an application by contacting Amy McCarthy. For more information on the mobile program, visit or call Amy McCarthy at 599-3010.

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