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Man found kicking at apartment door



Richard G. Griffieth, 29, of Urbana, was charged Sunday with resisting arrest and persistent disorderly conduct after a 4 a.m. report of the suspect yelling and kicking at the door of 509 S. Detroit St., Apt. 9.

He claimed his brother was inside but the resident was not his brother and did not know the suspect.

Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department detected an odor of alcohol on the suspect and he was not speaking clearly or making sense.

He tried to enter the apartment when the resident allowed an officer in. He was taken to the ground, and after a struggle, he was handcuffed and taken outside to a cruiser.

Outside by the cruiser he attempted to kick an officer. He was forced into the cruiser, warned by officer that would use a Taser on him if he continued and then taken to the Logan County Jail.


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