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Judges: More couples seek CPOs

Domestic violence-related orders of civil protection are increasing, Logan County Commissioners learned Tuesday in a meeting with Logan County Family Court judges Michael L. Brady and Dan W. Bratka.

So far, 228 civil protection orders have been granted through the family court. The court disposed of 202 such cases all of last year.

Family court deals with domestic violence CPOs. Orders of civil protection related to stalking are handled through Logan County Common Pleas Court.

“People think it’s a way to get a cheap divorce,” Judge Brady said.

Courts are not permitted to attach any filing fees to a CPO order, as they do with divorce proceedings, the judges said. That, and the fact a temporary CPO is easy to get, makes it an appealing choice for people.

If a person petitions the court for a CPO at the beginning of a business day, a hearing is required later that afternoon. That process typically results in a temporary CPO, subject to a full hearing, which must legally take place within 15 days —10 if there are children involved.

“Government shouldn’t be in the business of endorsing divorce, but we have told people looking to get a CPO, ‘Look, if you know there’s no way to reconcile this marriage, just get a divorce,’ ” Judge Brady said.

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