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Domestic abuse victim celebrates 204 days living violence free

A survivor of a longtime abusive relationship shared her courageous story of triumph over her former aggressor and her journey to healing Friday during the 12th annual Logan County Domestic Violence Awareness Day ceremony.



ABOVE: Lucretia Grogan, a victim witness from the prosecutor’s office, sings Friday during the annual Logan County Domestic Violence Awareness Day ceremony. FRONT PAGE PHOTO: Participants release balloons in honor of local domestic violence victims at the 12th annual Logan County Domestic Violence Awareness Day on Friday at Union Station. (EXAMINER PHOTOS | MANDY LOEHR)


“I have been living 204 days violence-free as of today,” city resident Jennifer said to those in attendance at the event at Union Station, 613 Hamilton St., hosted by New Directions of Consolidated Care. She asked that her last name be withheld to protect her safety.

“I was married for 18 years, and 15 out of the 18 years, I was living in a battlefield.”

Jennifer said she met her husband in Bellefontaine, and the pair eventually moved to North Carolina, where they raised three children.

“We fell in love fast and got married fast,” she said of their relationship.

However, it was only a few years into their marriage that her husband began perpetrating physical violence against her.

“Some of the most horrific abuse that people see in movies — I lived through that. That was my life.

“I learned how to cover up black eyes and bruises and deal with broken bones.”

In the midst of these daily struggles, Jennifer said she maintained employment as a waitress at a restaurant in North Carolina.  

“I lived through many nights being his punching bag and not getting much sleep. But then I would get up in the morning and always went to work, putting a smile on my face to hide my true pain.

“I knew that any one of my customers would have been more than happy to help me if I only would have been able admit to them what was going on. But I just kept hiding what was going on in my life...

“An abusive person is very persuasive. At times I just felt that this was all my fault.”

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