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Alger youth opens business to ease loss of family pets

ALGER — An Alger youth has started a business to make the loss of a family pet more respectable and at the same time raise funds for a community project.


Wesley Lowery of Alger has opened his own business selling pet caskets. Profits from the business, said Lowery, will be donated to the village to help pay to repair or replacement its tornado siren.


After personally experiencing the loss of pets and the impending loss of another, Wesley Lowery's grandfather, Jerry Cramer, offered to assist the young man build a wooden casket for the animal. As they worked together in Jerry’s sawmill, they planed down the logs and prepared an attractive wooden casket complete with a cloth liner added by Dee Cramer, Wesley’s grandmother.

When the cat recovered and they had no use of the casket, Wesley and Jerry decided to open a business making their services available to the public. Wesley printed off business cards and told everyone willing to listen about his plans.

The wooden boxes are each custom-built, said Jerry, with options available. They are available in oak, hickory or walnut at a range of $30 to $60. For another $5 Wesley will personally provide a funeral complete with recorded music.

In addition to giving Wesley business experience and more time with his grandparents, he has committed all the profits from his business toward helping pay for repairs or replacement to the tornado siren in the village of Alger.

Orders from Wesley Lowery’s Pet Caskets can be made by calling 419-757-8145.


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