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Points for tree stand safety has developed a checklist to help minimize the risks and dangers of hunting from tree stands: 


1. Use a strong, safe, sturdy tree stand. Tree stands certified by the Treestand Manufacturers Association are commercially designed and tested to meet high standards.

2. Read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions on the use of the tree stand before using it. Practice using the tree stand during both the day and night before taking it hunting, as you may end up hanging it or taking it down in the dark. Practice at ground level and then progressively increase the height with the same equipment on that you will take hunting. Practice climbing into and out of your stand. Carry out the practice sessions in the presence of a responsible adult.

3. Check your tree stand for wear, rust, metal fatigue and cracks, loose or missing nuts or bolts, rot and deterioration before use. Tighten loose nuts and bolts and replace rusty or worn hardware. Check straps or chains for wear and replace if necessary.

4. Tell a reliable person where you are going hunting and when you expect to return. Give them a map or leave one in your truck or at camp so they can find you if you don’t return. Give this person instructions on what to do if you do not return at the designated time.

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