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Ohio Hi-Point students weigh in on government shutdown

Ohio Hi-Point students weighed in on the federal government shutdown Tuesday during a civil debate in the school cafeteria.


Some of the signs Ohio Hi-Point Career Center students made Tuesday for a debate about the government shutdown led by social studies teachers. (PHOTOS | OHIO HI-POINT)

Students made posters to protest the decision to shut down the government and to show their displeasure with the lack of compromise among elected leaders on Capitol Hill.

Social studies teachers Peter Raatz and Todd Skaggs each represented different interests in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The message from students was simple: Congress was irresponsible for not reaching a compromise that resulted in the government shutdown.

Mr. Skaggs and Mr. Raatz, along with their students, made such signs that read “Do your job or resign,” and “Government of the people?”

Mr. Raatz explained that student participation in opportunities to engage with structures of government fall within the standards for social studies.

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