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POLICE BEAT: Man arrested for allegedly attacking wife

Shelby J. Kuhlenbeck, 24, of 516 W. Patterson Ave., Apt. 7, was charged Saturday with domestic violence.

Kuhlenbeck Shelby


Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department were called to his home around 11:15 p.m. and talked with his wife Heather.

She told officers they argued over money that afternoon and he threatened to throw an urn with her mother’s ashes when she wouldn’t let him have her debit card. He allegedly elbowed her in the face when she tried to take the urn from him and then held a kitchen knife to her throat causing her to have a seizure.

The situation calmed for awhile until they again began to argue over the card and him going out with friends. She attempted to disable the couple’s car and he slammed the hood on her back as she was in the engine compartment.

Officers observed and documented injuries to her shoulder, left eye, jaw and legs.

He was later located outside Moore’s Cafe, 111 S. Detroit St., and was arrested.

Dog bites boy in the face

A four-year-old Bellefontaine boy sustained serious facial injuries Sunday after a newly purchased family dog bit him.

Andrew Hall was transported by a Bellefontaine squad to Mary Rutan Hospital after the 7:30 a.m. incident at his 117 W. Auburn Ave. residence.

He was later transferred to Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

The dog, a St. Bernard mix, was taken by the Logan County Sheriff’s Office dog warden for quarantine at the Humane Society Serving Logan County.

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