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Task force nabs two during investigation

Two people were arrested Wednesday after investigators with the Logan County Joint Drug Task Force observed a drug transaction in the parking lot of C&J Laundromat, 350 N. Hayes St., around 3 p.m.

Parmer Matthew


Beach Sandra


Matthew Parmer, 43, of 717 Euclid St., was charged with trafficking in heroin, possession of heroin and tampering with evidence, while Sandra Beach, 25, of 4000 Alpine Parkway, Lot T2, Valley Hi, was charged with trafficking heroin. She also was served with a probation violation.

Both were taken to the Logan County Jail but the male suspect was soon transferred to Mary Rutan Hospital.

He told jail staff he had swallowed 15 aspirin and feared he had poisoned himself.

At the time of the arrest, task force officers observed him shove something in his mouth and swallow it.

Once at the hospital, he admitted to consuming more than 15 individually, foil-wrapped units of black tar heroin.

He was held for more than 24 hours for observation and returned to jail.

A vial of urine was recovered from the female suspect’s bra which she admitted was to fool testers with Logan County’s drug court. A hypodermic needle and a spoon with burn marks was found in the center console of her sport utility vehicle.

Two more needles were found in the male suspect’s underwear.

The SUV was impounded.

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