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The following is a list of the 70 doors  in the Logan County Cancer Society’s Doors of Encouragement fundraiser and a brief description of each. The walking tour begins at the southwest corner of Main Street and Columbus Avenue, where the unnumbered official sponsor door is located, and proceeds south.

* Start: Logan County Cancer Society sponsor door
1. Sponsor: 600 Downtown
    Creator: Marilyn Reed
2. Sponsor: Bell Insurance
3. Sponsor: Wenger’s Produce
    Creator: Landon Wenger
    Theme: “Keep Fighting! ‘I Spy’ a cure on the horizon”
4. Creator: Melody Couchman
    In honor of family and friends
5. Sponsor and creator: Peg Wilcoxon
    In honor of Jerri McDonald
6. Creators: Robyn Wunderle and Wanda Stahler
    In honor of Bob Stahler
7. Sponsor: Mary Rutan Hospital
    Title: Warriors Who Inspire
8. Sponsor: Youth of First Christian Church
    In honor of all those touched by cancer
9. Sponsors: Paul and Mary Dieringer and Shirley Potrafke
    In honor of their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents
10. Sponsor: RTC Instant Replay and RTC Pos-Abilities
11. Sponsor: Youth of First Lutheran Church
      In honor of all who have entered the church after losing their battle with cancer and those who continue their courageous fight
12. Sponsor: The Duff Family
      Creator: Marilyn Reed
      Theme: Historic Canby Building
13. Sponsor and creator: Impressions Hair Salon, Russells Point
14. Sponsor: Liberty National Bank
      Creators: Benjamin Logan second-grade Art Club
15. In honor of K.C. Downing
16. Sponsor: Wren’s Florist
      Creator: Melody Couchman
17. Sponsor: Hurley Farms
18. In honor of Willetta Dixon
      Creator: Her family
19. Sponsor: HER Wren-Kilgore Realty
      Creator: Travis Kilgore
      In honor of Kathleen Wren
20. Sponsor: Spark Youth, Gretna Brethren Church
21. Sponsor: Fay’s Hide A Way Storage
      Creators: Indian Lake High School Art Club
22. Sponsor: Zimmerman Realty
      Creator: Rob Long
23. Sponsor: Fast Track Signs
      Creator: Amy Brown
      In honor of all aunts
24: Sponsor: JB Telecom
      In honor of April Lewis and Jack Catlin
25. Sponsor: Indian Lake Outfitters
     Creators: Eli’s Dip & Wrap and Indian Lake Outfitters
26. Sponsor: Green Hills Community
      Creator: Brandy Bowers
27. Sponsor: Jan Beelman
      Creator: The Stoltzfus Family and Dusty Prall
28. Creators: Bellefontaine High School art department
29. Sponsor: Bellefontaine Examiner
      Creator: Miriam Baier
      In honor of breast cancer survivors
30. Creators: Mrs. Spencer’s first grade class at West Liberty-Salem
31. In honor of Fred and Jackie Penrod
     Sponsor: Their family
32. Sponsor: Spend A Day Marina
      Creators: Haley Lange and Paige Dukowitz
33. In honor of K.C. Downing
    Creators: Joy, Jane, Jessica and Beth Downing
34. Sponsor: Dairy Queen
      Creator: Ross Leasure
      In honor of Bob and Joy McDonald
35. Sponsor: Holland Theatre
      In honor of all heroes
36. Sponsor: Stites Retail
       In honor of Illa Poe, Vickie Poe, Wanda Hites and Mary Kerns
37. Sponsor: Trupointe Inc., Maplewood
      Creator: Sharon Gantz
      In honor of Kenneth Allmon
38. Sponsor: Diamonds in the Rough
      Creator: Krista Harman
      Theme: Diamonds in the Rough
39. In honor of Margaret June Argo
      Sponsors: Her family
      Creator: Crystal Argo
40. Sponsors: Arden and Kathy Neer
      Creators: Riverside Community Group
      Theme: Hello Kitty
41. Creator: Brooke Householder
42. Creator: Matt Householder
43. Sponsor: Citizen’s Federal Savings and Loan Association
      In honor of those we love and those we’ve lost
44. Creators: Mrs. Bumgardner’s first grade class
45. Creator: Annie King
       In honor of John R. Jenkins
46. Sponsor: First United Presbyterian Church
      Theme: Praise and Hope
47. Sponsor: Mad River Title Agency
      Creator: C. Forrest Amidon
48. Creators: Mrs. Cronkleton’s Northeastern second grade class
In honor of family and friends
49. Sponsor: Hair Kare N Tan
      Creators: West Liberty-Salem High School art students
      Theme: “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible”
50. Sponsor: Peachtree Books & Gifts
      Theme: Doctor Who
51. Sponsor: Choice Properties
      In honor of Mandy Engle Harvey
      Theme: Hope, courage and inspiration
52. Sponsor: Youth of Middleburg United Methodist Church
53. Sponsor: Jennings Farley Funeral Home
      Creators: Mrs. Engle’s third, fourth and fifth grade art students at West Liberty-Salem
      In honor of those in their lives who have faced cancer with courage
54. Sponsor: Wenger’s Produce
      Creator: Emma Wenger
      In honor of Zoë Wallen
55. Sponsor: Eichholtz Daring Sanford Funeral Homes
      Creators: Zoe Price and Benny Brunswick
56. Sponsor: Sherwin Williams
      Theme: Cure the earth
57. In honor of Dave Fridenmaker
58. Creator: Kristy Clement
      In honor of Natalie A. Comer
59. Sponsor: RTC and Logan County Board of Developmental Disabilities
      In honor of family and friends touched by cancer
60. Sponsor: Alan Galvez Insurance
      Creator: Lisa Brandel
61. Sponsor and creators: Shear Changes
      Theme: Grace
62. Sponsor: Bangs Salon
      Creators: Ben Logan Middle School Art Club
63. Sponsor and creator: Gail Hakala-Eldridge
      In honor of the Rev. Dr. W.E. Hakala
64. Creators: Van Hoose Family Relay Team
65. Sponsor: High Hopes Farms and T-P Lanes
66. Creators: Brian, Mary and Nick White
67. Sponsor: Interim Healthcare & HomeStyle Services
68. Sponsor: First United Methodist Church
      Creator: Jill Hill
      In honor of family and friends who have fought and continue to fight cancer
69.  In honor of Dawn Davis
      Theme: “Cancer: Things it can’t take from me”
70. Sponsor: Thompson, Dunlap & Heydinger Attorneys at Law
      Creators: Indian Lake Middle School Art Club

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