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Rubber band cars race around Indian Lake Middle School


Indian Lake Middle School fifth-graders recently completed a project-based learning unit on rubber band race cars, in which they built cars that were powered only by rubber bands and other household items.

They worked in science class to build and test their cars. Through trial and error, students discovered how potential energy can be converted to kinetic energy, which powered their cars.

In math class, pupils had to measure distance and calculate speed. During language arts, the students reflected on what they learned and explained the changes that would be made if they were given the opportunity to build again.

The grand finale of the project was a race in the school gymnasium. After several heats and elimination rounds, the grand champions were Kaden Harford, Andrew Cox and Carder Hakes.


Indian Lake Middle School fifth-graders test out a rubber band car in their classroom. (PHOTOS | INDIAN LAKE MIDDLE SCHOOL)


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