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The flood of 1913: Part 1: An overview of the 1913 flood in Logan County

Logan County was ground zero for the collision of the three storm fronts on March 23, 1913. By the time the record storms had moved on, the greatest natural disaster in Ohio’s history was unfolding as the Flood of 1913. It was a disaster that fully encompassed three states; Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.


ABOVE: Vance Street in West Mansfield was underwater after the flood poured through the village in 1913. (PHOTO COURTESY OF LOGAN COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, DEL GOFF) FRONT PAGE PHOTO: Men in row boats make their way around the flooded streets of Russells Point during the flood of 1913. (PHOTO COURTESY OF LOGAN COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY)

The drainage basin feeding the Lewistown Reservoir was rampaging from the days of heavy rain. Lake water was surging over the waste weir at an estimated four feet. Cherokee Creek was running at unheard-of rates and cut an entirely new channel. Several Lakeview homes went under water forcing residents to evacuate to the school. The State Ditch on the south side of the levee banks was flooded, along with many fishing cottages. Several of those cottages were on stilts and those structures were roped and tied to nearby trees to keep them from floating off. Collapse of the levee at Lake View was threatening. The telephone operator was kept at her station and put up on wooden crates out of the water in the event she was needed to warn residents along the Miami River should the levee break.

Farm lands along the Miami River, Rumcreek, Muchinippi, Brandywine and Cherokee Creek Valleys to the south and west of the Lewistown Reservoir were all under water and many farmers had been forced to leave for higher ground.

Read the complete story and see more photos in Saturday's edition of the Bellefontaine Examiner.


Flood of 1913 presentations set


Scott Trostel, author of And Through the Black Night of Terror: The 1913 Flood in the Northern Miami Valley, presents his stories and research of the Flood of 1913 during a session at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Knowlton Library’s AcuSport Community Room.

The presentation is hosted by the library and the Logan County Historical Society.

The author will have copies of his book available for sale.

Additionally, Hi-Point Toastmasters charter member Dave Bohla will speak on the 1913 flood of the Miami Valley during the club’s noon Tuesday meeting at the First Christian Church.

Free photos of the Indian Lake area during the flood will be available.

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