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Ben Logan surprises staff, students with unannounced drill

Staff and students were caught off guard Monday afternoon when all four buildings at Benjamin Logan were locked down for an unannounced district wide drill, in conjunction with the Logan County Sheriff's Department.

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Sheriff Andy Smith, Chief Deputy Randy Dodds and Sgt. Chris Brown coordinated efforts with Superintendent Lori Lytle's office to assess individual building procedures and offer suggestions and observations.

“There was a sense of realism in the buildings, which is necessary when undertaking such an important practice,” Ms. Lytle observed. “The students and staff responded quickly, calmly and with a sense of purpose as the plans were carried out.

Proof that students and staff were truly caught off guard came as some had to leave their lunch table for the planned drill. “All three buildings had students eating lunch, due to the weather delay schedule, which is not a "typical" time to conduct a drill.

” By and large, the drill was successful and district administrators will take under advisement any concerns and suggestion the sheriff’s office offers. We are very appreciative of the cooperation and support of our sheriff's office as we work together on reviewing and updating our crisis plan. School violence and emergency situations are not something any of us like to think about, but being better prepared in the event of an emergency is something we will continue to work on together.”

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