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Anti-bullying campaign presented

A group of public relations students at Ohio Northern University presented “Unbreakable,” an anti-bullying campaign, at Benjamin Logan High School earlier this week.


Students who participated in the “Unbreakable” anti-bullying campaign this week at Benjamin Logan High School created a paper chain with their promises to help combat online bullying. (PHOTO | SUBMITTED)

The program was presented to freshmen to provide them with the necessary information and resources to combat online cyberbullying.

Student Jack Robinson noted some of the lessons that he learned through the session.

“Today I learned that cyberbullying can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s happening in front of you or online, there are many ways to report it.

“Also, anything you do on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites will affect you in your future involving college applications and jobs. Be careful what you do online.”

Michelle Lane, language arts teacher, also related the importance of discussing this topic.

“Bullying is an issue that everyone can relate to, and if we don’t talk about it, people start to think it’s OK.

“Young college students who are recent graduates of high school have a much stronger impact on students than adults, and it was wonderful for the ONU students to come talk to our BLHS freshmen on such an important topic.”

“Unbreakable” is a campaign started as part of The Bateman Case Study Competition, which is the Public Relations Student Society of America’s premier national case study competition.

The ONU students are running the campaign to focus on the negative effects of bullying and how students can work together to overcome it.    

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