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Innovations play key role for engineer in 2012

Logan County Engineer Scott Coleman and his staff continue to embrace innovations to help improve and care for the county’s transportation infrastructure.


Mark Hilty with the Logan County Engineer’s Office uses a wireless remotecontrolled crane to maneuver a 60-pound hydraulic post driver into position along County Road 91 this week. The equipment is part of a new truck which enables one employee to handle sign replacement and maintenance of the county’s 6,100-plus sign inventory. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST)

In 2012, the county became just the second community in the nation to use recycled plastic structural materials for a bridge.

Crews also participated in microsurfacing projects to preserve road surfaces, beet juice to improve the performance of salt and grit on ice- and snow-covered roads and borrowed ideas from equipment manufacturers to assemble a one-man road sign maintenance truck.

Increased revenues are helping fund the innovation along with special grants.

Revenues from a 0.5-percent sales tax grew 15.6 percent in 2012 to hit more than $2.7 million, the highest collections in the history of the voter-approved tax.

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