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Police roll out new cruiser design

A change is afoot in the Bellefontaine Police Department as it transitions from the venerable Ford Crown Victoria to new cruisers.


This 2012 police package Ford Explorer is the first cruiser to sport the Bellefontaine Police Department’s new graphics. The reflective stripes and bold lettering will help make the cruisers more visible during nighttime stops. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST)

It’s also the right time to update the graphic designs on the vehicles.

“We were wanting something new on the cruisers,” said Chief Brandon Standley. “We’ve been talking about it for a number of years and, with the change from the Crown ‘Vic,’ it was the time to do it.”

A committee of officers researched and developed several recommendations which the chief reviewed before bringing in FastTrack Signs, 813 N. Main St., to refine the design.

The bold blue stripes and lettering help make the cruisers more noticeable during the day and especially at night.

In daylight, the stripes and lettering are royal blue. But the reflective material turns a brilliant teal blue when under headlights at night.

“That was another part of this decision,” Chief Standley said. “Not only does it update the looks, but makes the vehicles more visible.”

The first vehicle, a 2012 all-wheel drive police package Ford Explorer, hit the street Thursday. A 2012 all-wheel drive, police package Ford Taurus will soon follow.

Existing cruisers will remain the same, the chief said, adding the new design will be used as replacements come on line.

Bellefontaine took advantage of a lease-to-own option to purchase the new cruisers and two unmarked sedans.

The unmarked sedans are much more fuel efficient than the previous models, and the new cruisers, powered by V-6 motors, should be significantly more efficient than the V-8-powered Crown Victoria, a staple for law enforcement for decades.

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