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Up on the roof

Comstock had 24 hours to consider his wager

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Matt Comstock reflects Friday morning on his time atop Bellefontaine Middle School after losing a bet with the student body. They sold more than 50,000 candy bars for a PTO fundraiser so the assistant principal had to spend 24 hours on the roof. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST)

24-hour stint on the roof of Bellefontaine Middle School has given Assistant Principal Matt Comstock time to consider the folly of his wager with the student body.

“I’m really proud of the kids,” he said this morning almost 20 hours in. “They stepped up and sold around 54,000 candy bars.”

That was 4,000 more than they needed to win the wager, forcing the 16-year school employee to make six climbs up more than 12 rungs through the roof top hatch to the roof and his campsite.

His time atop the school started at 2 p.m. Thursday and continued overnight.

It included a visit from his wife, Aidan, who took him Thursday’s dinner, and watching bats fly about during the night.

He tried to ward off the cold bundled up in a sweatsuit and sleeping bag. But his small tent was drafty and that led to a fitful sleep. He had a laptop and his cell phone to help pass the time.

Nearly 20 hours in, he was in good spirits and was planning to track down coworkers he suspects were behind a barrage of water balloons that splattered on the roof nearby.

While he believes the wager played in the students’ fundraising efforts, Mr. Comstock, who warmed himself this morning on the heat rising from the open roof hatch, is sure he will be more careful the next time he lays down a challenge.

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