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Flat tire fix no trouble for kind stranger

A woman from rural DeGraff today is thankful for the kindness of a man named “Andy” who stopped to help her after her vehicle had left her stranded at a local park.

Rose Mary Woods said she was driving on County Road 11 recently on her way to choir practice at the Logan County Friendly Senior Center when she discovered she had a flat tire. She then drove into Southview Park and called AAA for assistance.

“It was the first time that I’d ever had a flat tire when I was alone,” she said.

“When I was younger, I would’ve been able to change it myself, but now even lifting the spare tire would’ve been too heavy for me.”

Mrs. Woods said she had been waiting for AAA personnel to arrive for about 1 1/2 hours when the kind stranger showed up and offered to lend a hand.

“He asked if he could help, and said that he’s done this for his wife many times.

“He had the wheel and tire off and was putting on the spare when AAA showed up. They finished the job, which amounted to tightening the lugs.”

When the process of putting on the spare was nearly completed, another passerby named “Chuck” also stopped in to see if he could help, Mrs. Woods noted.

Although she does not know the last names of these two individuals, Mrs. Woods expressed her appreciation to them for going out of their way to assist her.

“Thanks again, Andy, for helping an elderly lady. Also, thank you, ‘Chuck,’ for stopping by to see if you could help.

“That was very nice.”

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