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Governor stumps for presidential ticket during Monday bus stop

Gov. John Kasich rode the Romney/Ryan bus to Bellefontaine on Monday as part of two-day campaign effort for the Republican ticket.


Gov. John Kasich, center, talks with Acting Family Court Judge C. Douglas Chamberlain during Monday’s Romney/Ryan bus stop in Bellefontaine. It was one of four stops today for the bus. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST)

“Here in Ohio, we’re getting better,” he told about 80 people gathered along the 200 block of south Main Street. “But we can still do more.”

He said he was concerned about the nation’s anemic job growth and burgeoning national debt.

“With $16 trillion in debt, we are sticking our children and grandchildren with a debt,” Gov. Kasich said.

“How do you tackle that kind of debt? Well, it’s like eating an elephant. You do it one bite at time.

“I was there (as a congressman) when we last had a balanced budget, so I know it can be done.”

The governor believes Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the ticket for attacking the debt and turning around the economy.

A growing economy will give small and large businesses the courage to hire more people and operations. That, in turn, will generate more revenue to help run local, state and national government operations, he noted.

Gov. Kasich spent most of Sunday in northeast and central Ohio stumping for the GOP’s nominees, and visited Urbana and Bellefontaine on Monday.

The bus continued on to visits in Kenton and Bucyrus.

The governor’s entourage wrapped up its time in Bellefontaine with lunch at Don’s Downtown Diner.

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