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In regards to helping the poor in other countries vs the poor in America. It is very important to make sure the poor and orphans in America are taken care of. However, you will never find children in America living in the conditions that the children in Africa are in. America has systems in place to take care of these children and to hold the guardians accountable when they're not. In Africa, many children die without food, water, electric, or anyone to even love them. Although, this does not mean I agree with American's focusing 100% of their efforts overseas; I do think that this isn't something Oprah should be chastised for. As for the actual content of this blog post. I agree completely. Women are held to a much different standard. As men age they do not lose their "luster". Rarely do you see an 80 year old woman with a 20 year old man! Women are scrutinized for their appearance! This is all part of a bigger picture in which women still make 80 cents to the man's dollar. As women struggle to find their place in this world, even in 2009, I hope that acceptance...the same acceptance men receive...quickly follows.

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