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Take time to vote this year

As I think about our American Veterans who are presently serving, those who have served and those who gave their life to protect our rights, I have to share an interesting fact about the upcoming election November 6.

This is the first time since the 1932 election that neither the presidential and vice presidential candidates of either party are veterans. Is this the result of the Nixon Administration’s Volunteer Military? Something for discussion over a cup of coffee.

Also this election year, something that we Americans should take advantage of; every House seat and 33 Senate seats are available for change. Here is the opportunity to help clear out the do-nothing deadbeat old-timers with new individuals with fresh ideas and new direction.

Americans deserve a Congress that will work for this country. We have witnessed for the past few years, a Congress that is quick to place blame but lacking in actual problem solving. A Congress that is interested only in their survival and not the people they are sworn to serve. Congressional infighting and treating symptoms only covers the root cause with more unsupported promises and untruths.

This election allows the voters to implement their true feelings to make a significant impact for those who are elected to steer and lead this nation. Will you vote? Or will you sit at home and allow the current entanglement continue into disparity?

Put your plan together now. Know where your voting precinct is, what time the polls open and close and how you will get there. Make sure of your eligibility to vote, you have until Oct. 9 to register and update your voter information. By the way, if you, for any reason, cannot make it to the polls and you know this now, please request an absentee ballot.

Let’s do better than the 2008 Presidential Election when over 79 million eligible voters chose not to vote.

We have a responsibility to vote for the future of our country, the future of our children and grandchildren. We have a responsibility to preserve our nation.

John Stockdale


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